Tips for Successful Business and Marketing Strategic Consulting :

If you’re not, take a piece of paper, a calendar and a pen and take a seat. I will guide you through some exercise (do not worry, it’s not painful) to help you extract what needs to change in your life and your business in 2011 to be happy and successful.

Basically, this exercise will help you visualize your marketing strategy for 2011-more obvious you’ve never seen before and to implement their strategies effectively.

See below for 7 Switch-it-up steps to finding happiness and operate a successful business in 2011:

Step 1: Remember that piece of paper and a pen, I told you before the catch? It’s time to use it. Create a list with two columns of your paper and the title of a column of “worked!” And the other column “did not work.”

Step 2: Close your eyes and take a little trip down memory lane in 2010. What were the best times of your business and how you arrived at those moments? When you’re happy and what happens to your company at that time? All the actions you took to create these moments go, “It worked!” column. Write freely draw a stick and a photo next to the steps you wrote, if it helps.

Step 3: Close your eyes again and make another trip to the memories of 2010. The difference between this trip and the trip that took in step 2 is that the weather turns stormy and gray. What were the worst moments of your company and how to achieve now? When you were at the lowest and what was going on with your business at the time? You probably do not want to return to the days when you are sad facts of economic decisions, not so hot, but you clearly. To grow from our past mistakes, we must face the challenge head on and to positively influence our future decisions.

All the actions you took to create these moments go on, “that does not work” column. Write freely draw a stick and a photo next to the steps you wrote, if it helps. All items must be in writing to focus on what does not work for your business.

Step 4: Check the “worked!” decisions made. Now take your calendar and mark the date taken similar decisions. For example, if one of their “work!” decisions is hosting a seminar that brought together 50 people and had 15 of those people buy your product or service mark in your calendar when you receive your next seminar. When you mark a task in your calendar that has been demonstrated in the past has something positive to wait. The vision of the task on your calendar is also working to encourage you to do things instead of waiting until 2011 for his transfer.

Step 5: Look, “that does not work” list, and say aloud a list of products, from the phrase “In 2011, I (insert problem)” and ending with the phrase “I (more liquid) For example, say”. In 2011, I do not wear too many hats in my work. I’m going to move. Now marked for solution, and tip the calendar or bulletin board on the table always look at those solutions.