Five Important Tips for Hiring a Business Plan Consultant

The main function of business planning firms is to help you develop an effective business plan that could attract investors and help you raise capital easily. But, do all firms serve this purpose adequately? Can you trust any firm for business planning? Definitely not! You should hire the best business plan consultant so that you do not have to run from pillar to post to find investors.

Here are some tips for choosing the right business plan company.

Check Credentials

Before hiring a business plan consultant, you should check credentials. How much experience do they have in writing business proposals? What kinds of industry experience do they have? Are there any complaints against them? What is their success rate? You should always ask the consultant or firm to show a portfolio. This will give you insight into what kind of work they have done and who their clients are.

Also, ask them to give some references from where you can get feedback. If the consultant does not have a portfolio or they are not interested in giving you references, you should not deal with them. Probably, they have done nothing great and therefore are not interested in showing you their work or divulging details of their satisfied customers.

Check the Qualification and Experience of the Team

A business plan consultant usually does not work alone. Because developing a business proposal requires knowledge of different business areas like operations, marketing, human resources, finance, and laws, such consultants have teams comprising of professionals from various fields. You should check all who are working with the business plan company or consultant and what their qualifications and achievements are. This will give you an idea of what kind of expertise you will get for your business planning.

Check the Fees

It is important to discuss everything related to fees and expenses during the consultation meeting. Business planning firms charge you depending upon the scale of your project and industry type. If you are just starting a new venture, it may not be wise for you to shell out a huge amount on hiring a business plan consultant. Look for firms that are affordable, experienced, and committed to provide the best customer service. Also, discuss your payment schedule with the consultant. Never pay the entire amount up front.

Check the Method

You should ask the business plan consultant how they approach any new project. What is their method of developing business plans? How do they involve their clients during the development process? How much time would they take for your project? At what phase of development would they take feedback from you? You should clear all your doubts beforehand in order to prevent any discord in the future.

A business plan consultant could help you develop a great business proposal. The key is to choose the right professional, the one who knows what is required to make a fund-ready business proposal and who has worked on projects similar to yours. As your business proposal decides how quickly you can raise funds, you should make every effort to choose the best professional according to your business requirements.

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Best Business Consulting Firm, Business Consultant & Local Seo

Develop an award winning team using business consulting

This article explains how a business consulting can help develop an effective team.

Having a great team in place is essential to any business. Members of a team need to be able to work and communicate together effectively. No one can create a perfect team overnight, this is something that can take some time. Business consultants are often the best people to turn to when team development is needed. Properly trained and motivated workers are key ingredients to a successful team. They can be very effective and beneficial when it comes to a company’s growth. Business Consulting can help you to find and build this amazing team!

Here is the point: Business Consulting Firms can come up with to get everyone involved and ensure that everyone is doing what they can to be a team player

If a company is having trouble getting a productive team together, a consultant may be called in to assess the situation. They may offer something such as exercises that would allow the team members to become stronger and enable them to work together. If there is an issue between any of the members of the team, the business consulting firm can do what needs to be done to solve the problem. There are exercises that they use that will make them communicate. This will give the consultant a better idea of what the root of the problem is. It is really all about being productive.

If a company does not have a team together that consists of people who are willing to do what it takes to get the job done, the company may fail. A business consulting firm will know how to approach the situation from every angle. It may be hard for the management of the company to address the needs and concerns of each employee. This is mainly due to time restraints. A Business Consulting firm will be available more and they can speak with the team as a whole as well as speak with each one individually.

Instead of spinning your wheels trying to be the peace maker, hiring a business consulting firm can be the best thing for a company to do. A team that can work together effectively can make a company successful. Look at it like a football team, bad team, no championship! Business Consulting can help you with all these issues and more.

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About Seo consultant Methodology

At the very beginning the seo consultant focuses on client's strategic marketing and messaging information such as industry segment, target market, value proposition or offer, etc. This is all important for doing the right selection of keywords and creative development. Now a days hiring a seo consult has become need of the hour in order to flourish in seo industry. It is based on to enhance the business of your clients. It is important that your hired seo consultant must follow certain marketing goals for planning a strong and useful strategies that can give them a winning seo campaign approach. If you want or interested in any consultants for enhancing your seo business or for availing high traffic then can hire it.

These seo consultant follows seo methodology for increasing the client's traffic, and some of them are Keyword research & Keyword Tracking , Competition Analysis , Baseline reporting (Traffic, Rankings and Conversions), Technical Analysis & recommendations, Content Analysis, Siloing & SEO Copywriting, Link Analysis & Link Building, Monthly Tracking & Reporting, and much more.

There are many things which any seo consultant must understand before dealing with their clients such as Business Objectives, Marketing Strategies, Demographics of Target Audience, Media Mix & Flight Dates, Creative considerations, Messaging, Success Metrics, Dependencies, and Methods of Measurement.

If you're planning to hire a seo consultant then should know that they must be skilled in fulfilling all these mentioned task such as Understanding Client's Business Objectives & Strategic Marketing Plan, Comprehensive Website Analysis , Keyword Research and Analysis , Baseline report , Competitive analysis for main keywords/keyword phrases in Search Engines, Content Analysis & SEO Copywriting, Analysis of information architecture and linking structure, and many more. They must have atleast ten years of seo experience, proven track record, affordable pricing, no long term contracts, personal one-on- one service and much more. It is absolutely a business and your hired consultant must able to enhance its client's websites high in search engines and profilerating seo  business with methodology.

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Business Consulting Solutions in summary

Correctly planned out businesses understand the relevance of business consulting solutions to their day-to-day functions. From a startup business' stand point, this may possibly appear a fantastic strategy. Starting off in the right foot may be the method to go. If you are a flourishing entrepreneur and wish to make sure you've got your company secured, seeking professional help is an excellent approach to help get you up and running.

Typical company issues

Concerns like whether to continue to be a sole proprietor, to incorporate, or to form a limited liability company are of the common concerns businesses tackle. Small business consulting firms can enable you to recognize which type of business organization can benefit both you and your business.

Proper accounting, taxes, and investments are also factors a business or corporation would like to protect.

Business consulting solutions help an organization determine the status of their investments, debts, and progress possibilities, and specify their aspects of growth. They help businesses plan for financial growth and help them leverage and get started on the right path.

More typically than not, businesses only make use of business consulting solutions as soon as they see something is preventing their business to move ahead. Consultants then measure the scenario of a company and begin to resolve the issues by recommending alterations in the way everything is managed.

A company's resources and present standing mainly determine how specific adjustments have to be completed. Client or consumer anticipations as well as the condition in the industry where the firm belongs also establish how strategic implementations begin. Business consulting solutions need to carefully determine the present business functions and evaluate how these functions impact the business. Only after that can they instigate variations or restructuring.

Business consultants possess a varied understanding on several aspects. These consist of accountancy, entrepreneurship, investment, as well as human resources. These professionals' expertise are often unparalleled, thanks to the many years they spent carrying out work for a number of corporations. Consultants know the best practices of the industry and, depending on a circumstance, can suggest organize moves which will help the enterprise start up or advance. They see factors from different viewpoints and make solutions based on a number of components.

What to search for in a business consultant

When looking for a business consulting solutions expert, take into account their accreditations, education, range of understanding, and skills. Look for one who is well rounded and has understanding on a range of business enterprise aspects. A prime example is a Six Sigma certified specialist. This kind of consultants may possibly charge a higher charge, but count on unparalleled expertise from them.

A expert who is keen on becoming updated about latest technologies and strategies is a good catch. They uncover methods to maintain themselves abreast of new techniques and strategic vehicles. Continuous studying and hands on encounter maintain these experts the go-to individuals in business consulting.

Reduce the need of employing several experts when you can come across the answers your company needs from one reference. You will find resources available online which may possibly prove to be a a lot more viable means. Most internet based business consultants are readily available 24/7.


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Software Development Consulting

The advent of new and better technology is dominating the business market, these days. Seeing the current phase of technology, anyone can easily measure the extent of phenomenal increase in the growth and importance of information technology.

It is easy to guess how information technology is dominating both the internal and external channels of a business entity. The right blueprint of software helps in getting the right platform for installing the created software within company practices. No wonder, software developing markets are in great demand. India is one of the foremost markets where quality speaks the usability of software solutions.

Being a booming market destination for software solutions, India has gained a significant position in the offshore software development market. In addition, the market of software solutions is increasing with every passing day in India.

Indian software development market has achieved newer heights by offering software development consulting to clients companies. Consulting is an important aspect of giving quality services to companies. Consulting is all about studying and analyzing the present situation of a company and on the basis of drawn conclusions suggest measures and software solution that can give miraculous results within shortest possible time.

Consulting is a key that helps both the software designers and clients to prepare a common platform to get profitable results. Interestingly, consulting is not limited to just suggesting best possible measures to develop a platform that leads to cost-effectiveness. Software development consulting also includes careful analysis of post-installation strategies and measures so that usability of software can be retained in the longer run.

Isn't nice to get a professional consultancy to install the most useful software that can transform your way of working?

Consult a recognized Indian software provider and get the best piece of IT consultancy that changes your future.

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Proposals to Change Social Security Benefits

During many elections, we have heard proposals from politicians to alter or change Social Security benefits. In this paper, I’m going to research and analyze these proposals to find out whether or not they would be beneficial to the Social Security fund, how it will affect all of us in the future, and the current beneficiaries who receive Social Security.

“The key problem for Social Security is that, as the population ages, soon there will not be enough people paying Social Security taxes to provide benefits for every retired person.” (Dilulio & Wilson 486). This is why so many politicians have proposed changes to the current system. The people in my generation might not see any benefits when it’s our time to retire. “In 1950, there were 16 workers to support every one beneficiary of Social Security; today, there are only 3.3 workers supporting every Social Security beneficiary.” (White House).

If Social Security stays unchanged at this rate, Social Security will be paying out more than it takes in. If we ever reach this stage we will be left with two problems, a lot of people paying into the system now will be cut off of Social Security, or the government will borrow more money to pay the beneficiaries, which will increase the national debt.

“Unless otherwise stated, payment levels apply equally to aged, blind, and disabled persons.” (State assistance programs for SSI recipients, 3) I believe that if the Social Security fund only funded beneficiaries who are aged, we would not have such a low number today of 3.3 workers supporting every Social Security beneficiary. “The Budget Enforcement Act, for example, excluded the receipts and disbursements of Social Security from the President’s budget and the congressional budget resolution.

Programs that have been excluded like this are called “off-budget”.” (Collender 12)

Robert M. Ball has proposed a plan to alter Social Security while arguing against President Bush’s proposal of private accounts. One thing that Ball has proposed was, “Gradually raise the cap on earnings covered by Social Security so that once again 90 percent of all such earnings would be taxed and counted for benefits” (Ball 2). I believe the means of using tax to fix Social Security will work in the short run, but not in the long. If we do take this approach, should we gradually raise the cap on earnings covered by Social Security even more in the future when Social Security has gone further into debt? Another proposed change by Ball was, “An estate tax is a highly progressive way of meeting this cost, and dedicating it to Social Security would strengthen the contributory.” (Ball 3) Now an estate tax, or sometimes called a “death tax”, is a tax on a person’s estate depending on how much he or she was worth. Again, I see a problem with this proposal because Ball is suggesting that we use another means of tax to be paid into Social Security. I personally think it’s wrong to even have an estate tax because those who are taxed an estate tax were most likely small business owners. “More than 70% of family businesses do not survive the second generation; 87% do not make it to the third generation.” (Frequently Asked Questions about the "Death Tax")

During the 2000 elections, President Bush was widely known for his proposals to privatize Social Security. Most of the Democrat’s are against Bush’s proposals to change Social Security, whereas, most Republican’s are for Bush’s proposals to change Social Security. In order to find out whether people would be better off under the current Social Security system or a privatized system, I researched the average returns among the current system and compared them to the average returns under a private investment or “private account”.

Barbara Boxer published a “Social Security to Social Insecurity calculator” (Boxer), that calculates the average return an individual will receive under the current system compared to Bush’s privatization plan. I entered many different salaries and years and at every given circumstance, Bush’s plan resulted in a loss. I found this very disturbing considering the large amounts of research I have done last year on retirement accounts.

Dave Ramsey published a ”Privatizing Social Security calculator” (Ramsey), that calculates the return you could expect depending on the type of fund you choose, your income, and your age. Compared to Barbara Boxer’s calculator, I found this calculator more accurate because you were able to choose a fund that had an average annual return, which is calculated into how much you contribute over a given amount of years. The result from Dave Ramsey’s calculator shows how much you will receive from social security and your private accounts when you retire which resulted in a much higher return than social security.

Last year I took an economics class, which covered a great deal in investing for retirement. Some people who are against Bush’s plan of private accounts state that privatizing social security is too risky for retirement. “For individual investors who have neither the time nor the inclusion to actively monitor a stock or a bong portfolio, mutual funds have an obvious appeal. Just pick a good fund and let the managers do the work for you.” (Groz 105). At the age of 19, I visited Fidelity Investments in Braintree, Massachusetts where I was able to start my own investment portfolio. They showed me many funds that ranged from aggressive growth to conservative growth funds. I then chose a couple of mutual funds that were aggressive growth because I was starting my investing at such a young age. “Many investors draw the inference that they should not invest all their money in a single stock or bond, but rather spread out their investments among a group of securities.” (Groz 106). If private accounts were an option, I would recommend people to diversify their investments into many different funds just to limit risk.

Another benefit from investing in certain types of stocks is the dividends. “Dividends, then, are a dividing up and distribution to shareholders of a portion of the corporation’s earnings.” (Groz 27). With these dividends, you can reinvest them into the stock or fund; “Compounding occurs when you get many (e.g., interest or dividends) from an investment and put it back into the portfolio, letting it grow alongside the original investment.” (Groz 183).

After doing researching and analyzing the proposals offered by many politicians, I feel that privatizing Social Security is not such a bad idea. I feel that privatizing Social Security would give people more control of their money when it comes to saving money for retirement that the government cannot touch. I understand that some people might fear the risks of investing in the stock market, but if someone diversifies and chooses funds that are somewhat conservative, there is a very small risk of having little return. Considering that Social Security today has very little return “Social Security's inflation-adjusted rate of return is only 1.23 percent for an average household of two 30-year-old earners with children in which each parent made just under ,000 in 1996.” (Beach), you would be better off putting your money into a savings account earning a return close to 3 percent.

“If someone's definition of national debt excludes the debt owed to federal entities, they are not accounting for the interest on the debt owed to federal entities.” (Ruoco). Since the government’s national debt has been rising year after year which can be seen on ([]), why should I trust the government with my retirement money? This is why I support the idea of privatizing Social Security, or at least giving the American people the option to invest in private accounts.


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United States. “U.S. Department of the Treasury, Bureau of the Public Debt.” Historical Debt Outstanding – Annual. 25 Nov. 2005>.

White House. "Strengthening Social Security for Future Generations." Strengthening Social Security. The White House. 25 Nov. 2005>.

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Speed Up The Mold Industry Development Proposals

 Mold is the basis for industrial production processes and equipment, known as "the mother of industry." More than 60% of the parts need to rely on forming mold as the national economy, basic industries, mold involved in machinery, automobile, Light Industry, electronics, chemicals, metallurgy, building materials in various industries, a wide range of applications.

Developed in the manufacturing sector in Germany, mold industry has been regarded as a "key industries"; in the manufacturing sector by the rise of Japan, the mold industry has been classified as "secret of the development of the entire industrial base"; in the United States die industry was seen as " the cornerstone of industry. " It is a measure of a country or regions, an important indicator of the level, so to take positive measures to promote industrial development in Xiamen City, mold is imperative.

 First, strengthen industrial planning guidance and a clear development of key industries

 Mold is affected by industrial design, special materials and equipment supply, manufacture, production, and training of personnel in areas such as belonging to capital and technology-intensive industries, with an area of less high-quality workers, products, high technology features, must have a strong Relying on the industrial base.

As the city's mold industry is relying on the city's electronic information, mechanical, optical and other supporting pillar industries developed, and many die enterprises from small and highly specialized, small but excellent, small and specialized and development path, combined with a special geographical location in Xiamen Many production molds not only for local businesses, but also in developing the Mainland market, and even exported.

Therefore, the city may be aimed at the development of mold industry, electronic information, mechanical industry, multinational companies, supporting the demand of domestic well-known enterprises, vigorously develop sophisticated, complex, long-life die.

 Second, to speed up R & D platform for mold building, improving competitiveness of mold industry

 To rely on existing mold backbone enterprises around the electronic information, mechanical, optical and other industry leaders supporting the demand to strengthen cooperation with domestic scientific research institutes focus on the link, encourage and support enterprises to establish R & D focus mold design platform to strengthen cooperation with municipal science and technology, through the Board and other related departments of the coordination and communication with related companies as the main body set up electronic, machinery, mold-based public service platform, forming equipment industry chain, enhance the innovative capability of enterprises, and actively implement the party's 17 major proposed adhere to the scientific concept of development. Require the enterprises to be people-oriented, constant technological innovation, exploring mold design, manufacturing processes, materials, application of a new bright spot. Adhere to standardization, specialized production. As soon as possible digital, information-based technology management.

 Third, increased corporate support services to make efforts to create a favorable environment for industrial development.

 One is to strengthen corporate communication of information. Implementation technology, information, resource sharing, city information network mold has to do with the network link to the relevant industries, businesses can advertise through the web site for their own and to achieve inter-industry exchange and communication, resource sharing purposes.


Second, it is appropriate to fund support. Pairs with independent intellectual property rights and innovation ability, the development of enterprises with good prospects for the equipment purchase, go exhibitors, loan discount, factory rent, give some financial support to ease the corporate financial difficulties.


Third, policy support. Actively help mold the industry related companies seeking to promote the implementation of the development of various preferential policies, coordinating relevant departments to solve key municipal enterprise technological backbone of the mold residence, social security and other issues, in order to create a favorable environment for enterprise development.

Fourth, to support the development of space. Relocation of a number of manufacturing enterprises take full advantage of the favorable opportunity, through policy guidance, support, encourage a number of key enterprises and their related enterprises settled mold, and promote industrial aggregation, optimization and upgrading of industrial structure.

 4, vigorously carry out professional and technical personnel training, efforts to protect the industry, the development of human resources.

 Modern high-tech companies need to mold a group of well-trained mold technician, no matter how good the device is not difficult to produce high-caliber talent mold to develop a master mold design and operation of the new die skilled personnel will take a very long time skills development.

We should focus on the needs of enterprises, strengthen co-ordination with the municipal relevant departments of communication, relying on a variety of training schools and businesses, combined with the rural labor force training and retraining to increase skilled personnel, training, and in particular to speed up the high-skilled talents, mode Society will be held jointly with the relevant professional and technical training courses such as mold industry.

Assistance to the Urban relevant departments do business craft, technician-level identification and evaluation, to attract more talented people to mold and improve the soft environment for foreign investment, effectively undertake Europe and the United States developed an advanced manufacturing industry in Taiwan sublease, speed up industrial structure in the city optimization and industrial upgrading.

A Business Plan Consultant Can Help You Run Your Business More Effectively

Operating a business is a challenging responsibility. It's true regardless of the industry you venture into. There are always quite a few tasks and responsibilities to accomplish, especially if your company is just beginning. This also holds true for much more established companies. When operations start to get difficult and you can't figure out where to locate the problem and the way to address it, it may be time to work with a business plan consultant.

A consultant will help your organization in a number of ways. You could hire them any time - as soon as you start conceptualizing and getting the venture together, well until the latter years of the operation. These professionals are mentors for a reason. They have the experience and expertise to guide your small business in the right direction.

Forming a partnership with small business consultants will lead to a number of benefits for your enterprise.

The first option is to get them as a lecturer. This is effective for many who cannot afford full-time consulting. During this lecture, the professional may well offer different levels of coaching, guiding, and training tips. While they may not be able to assess the situation, they can help you with the basic things. This may include defining the mission, goals, and objectives of your company.

Full-time consulting could be the more effective option. Upon hiring, the very first thing they are going to do is review your company. They are going to take a look at company's organizational structure and delve into your human resources and marketing strategies. The information they gather can help them come up with an initial diagnosis of your strong and weak points. This could serve as the cornerstone of your partnership.

A few of the more common problem areas a business plan consultant could help you with are the following.

1. Branding - This is of particular importance to startup companies that have yet to identify what their company is all about - its mission, goals, and objectives.

2. Marketing - This is perhaps the most important factor of any business. Consultants appreciate how important this is and could give you an edge over your competitors.

3. Leadership development - A successful business will depend on the capacity of a leader to keep the business moving forward. In other words, you need to know what you're doing. Leadership styles differ, and a consultant may help you define who you are as a leader. This can help you run your enterprise more effectively.

What to look for in a business plan consultant

Understand that these professionals specialize in different fields. The first thing to do is search for one who's got in-depth knowledge in your field of operation. Verified experience will legitimize them as a mentor.

Another thing to look for is great communication skills. They should be able to convey the right messages in ways that are easy to comprehend. A communication gap results in a collaboration that's pointless and fruitless. Avoid this no matter what. When speaking to a professional, take notice of the things they say and do not say. Try to gauge if they could walk the walk and talk the talk. Find small business consultants who will deliver what's needed of them.


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Franchise Consulting for Fashion Stores

 Everyone is living in such a world that is being ruled by fashion and fashion conscious people. Along with this, the growing need for creativity in dressing sense has been giving birth to numerous trends. And it is these trends that are making aware of something new available in the market. This entire thing seems to have a vicious circle and every individual revolves around that track only. Such type of demand for fashion has initiated the growth for franchisees and the concept of franchise consulting for various kinds of fashion stores. In fact, the need for such kind of step is to create ways for advanced growth in business sector. Well, the people are always on a look out for some kind of business that reaps maximum profits and involves less of risk. So, fashion business is one of the most established that is attracting people towards them.

It is a known fact that franchise consulting aims at making a strong base for the prospective business owner. In fact, it guides him to buy franchisee of such a company that has brand value and goodwill in the market. And these brand values enable the aspirant business owner to establish the business without much of efforts. This does not mean that everything is being served on a silver plate with the golden spoon. The task of a franchise consulting firm does not ends with offering consultancy services; rather, they also help the prospective business seeker with excellent market plan, strategies to be applied and also the approach with which the business has to be started. All this information is designed as per the needs and essentialities of the person. Indeed, the aim of franchise consulting firms is to reap maximum profits for their clients and add to their business growth.

The franchise consulting discusses with them for certain couple of hours about their business aims, their career setting, what they want to do in the outlook and what kind of investment they can make. The consultant gathers that information to carry out an occasion search and creates a report with three or four counsel that line up with what the client is looking for. If some of the thoughts interest the client, the consultant will guide them through the information collection process. The consultant can make certain that the client gets all of the needed information and assist in the examination of the opportunity.

A franchise consulting can help you think through your private and business goals, strengths and drawbacks as well as investment parameters in an organized manner. The consultant will contract the field of latent concepts to the ones most likely to match your needs. Most of them had the notion of being their own boss pop into their head and filled out a form to get more information but their interest falls off within a short time period. If you are generally interested in business ownership or franchising, it is suggested to have some kind of general information on franchising.

Franchise consulting is aimed at helping the prospective business owners for a strong base and right decision in terms of reaping huge projected benefits.


Business Plan Consultant - How to Choose a Consultant

You may need to interview a number of different business plan consultants or consulting firms before making a choice of who to work with. It is more important at this stage to make sure you have positive answers to the following three questions below than to simply find the lowest price consultant. The final question should help to expand your search if needed.

Do they listen to your questions and answer them clearly?

If you find the consultants you speak with are more interested in selling their services than listening to you describe where you are with the business idea and the specific help you will need, this situation will not likely change as you move forward. Furthermore, the consultant's answers to your questions should be clear to you. If they are full of industry jargon which the consultant will not explain to you, beware that they may produce results which go over your head and you cannot easily evaluate.

Do they explain their process to you and include multiple points for your input?

Certainly, any business plan development process will begin with the consultant interviewing the entrepreneur to learn all they can about the research they have done, the idea, and their strategy so far.

Be sure that the process will then include at least two opportunities after that initiation phase for you to receive a draft of the work completed to date and provide feedback on the direction it is taking so that adjustments can be made. Without these opportunities for your input, the final plan can run away from you and become a description of a business you do not want to, or are incapable of, starting.

Do they care about the quality of your idea?

If a consultant doesn't care to find out what your basic idea is and to get an early sense of its feasibility before starting work, beware.

Successful business plan consultants speak highly of their success rate in helping clients get funding. If they work on business plans that are doomed from the beginning, they will lower that success rate. Only consultants who are interested in taking the money and running will not care if you are starting out with a good or bad idea in the first place.

Why stay local?

Finally, with video conferencing and email widely available, there is no reason to limit your search to local consultants. If you have no fear of throwing a wider net in search of the best consultant for you, you can use this technology to connect with individuals you may never meet in person during the process. When you put local consultants in competition with virtual consultants you will find the best leverage to negotiate prices, as long as you are comfortable with virtual collaboration methods.

Business Proposals: Guide to Better Businesses

Business proposals are an integral part of any business, whether you know it or not. When you are in a business, methods of expansion are something that keeps percolating your mind. You would want to emanate with ideas that would persuade someone to take an action on what you have presented. An effective proposal would be the one that would convince the prospect to ponder over the idea presented therein. Also, come in handy here are your proposal writing skills. An emphatic proposal works for itself. Writing business proposal using an ultimate business proposal software helps you ensure productivity. Besides, there are tips that will help you in writing a compelling proposal.

You might absolutely fade away while trying to produce a business proposal that attracts your target. Now, before your head starts spinning, I would like to unfold certain rules that will help you here. First, you have to start by greeting the reader in a warm, affectionate manner. The style of writing proposal should be simple, persuasive and comprehensible. If your target is unable to understand your message in the proposal, there is no point in writing one! You also have to ascertain defining the industry-related terms and mention the addressee(s) on the title page itself. Another trick is to use headings in your proposal. Headings make your proposal easy to navigate. Moreover, you have to maintain the sequence of thoughts, ideas and topics. Any introductory topic should be located at the end. The proposal should begin with the purpose.

While writing business proposal, you have to start by writing the main sections by discussing its scope. Herein, you are required to describe your product or idea with detailing. It'll help the reader to understand how you'll advance. Then, talk about the results or the output the reader will get once adopting the ideas discussed in the proposal. Next, you have to tell the reader why he should invest time or money in the project. The benefits! Yes, talk about them and in monetary terms, something tangible than vague. Then you need to talk about your procedure, your team, your requisites and the kind of investment you require from the reader. A professional logo end with the heading 'Approval' after the perusal of the reader or your investor, in this case. And you have to acknowledge them for considering you, even if it is just reading the proposal. If you follow these simple tips and tricks for writing your own proposal, you can earn not only experience but a lot of self-respect.


Consulting Opportunities - Announcing the Best Consulting Possibilities

Whatever is your area of expertise, the field of consulting will surely have a room for you. Here are the best consulting opportunities in 2009:

1. Technical consulting. This is usually the most profitable field of consulting as it requires a degree in engineering and science. A technical consultant would be called in for specific projects that require a great deal of understanding and expertise. For example; they may be tasked to provide sound recommendations on building bridges or international space station. You'll breakthrough in this endeavor if you are truly reliable and if you have high caliber skills.

2. Business consulting. Based on research and relevant studies, the number of people who are starting their own business has grown exponentially over the last couple of years. This is the main reason why business consultants are so in-demand these days.

You can sink your teeth into this endeavor if you have proven track record in running your own business and if you have a degree in accounting, commerce, and business management. It would also help if you have in-depth knowledge on selling and marketing.

3. Search engine optimization (SEO). If you have been paying attention, you'll surely notice that hundreds of entrepreneurs are taking their businesses online every month. This can work to your advantage if you are a SEO expert. You see, these people need to secure higher page ranking to secure more sales and revenue.

4. Relationship. If you have a degree in sociology or psychology and if you have certain way in helping people improve their relationships, you can try your luck in relationship consulting. In here, you'll help people develop their communication skills so they'll be more open to their partners.

You'll also need to suggest some activities that can help these people strengthen their bond.

5. Leadership. This is one of the most sought-after fields of consulting. If you have what it takes to help leaders (managers, supervisors, etc.) get better at what they do, this field is perfect for you. In here, you'll give these people sound advices and recommendations as to how they can effectively perform their tasks while taking into consideration their subordinates. You may be tasked to conduct seminars and trainings to help these people develop certain skills that can make them great leaders.

6. Internet marketing. Are you good in selling any type of products and services online? Then, help people who would like to know what you know by offering internet marketing consulting services.

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Business Consultancy Services of Stride Consultancy.

‘Stride Consultancy Group’ along with its services at has been prearranged to offer a comprehensive series of Services which would append significance to the managing of an Organization. These services are present through a committed group of professionals with wide-ranging industry experience and backgrounds, in order to adapt and set free organization specific solutions to our consumers, with an aim of providing a ‘ONE-STOP Exceptional Solution’ for our clients towards running their big business in an enhanced way. We are offering following types of quality services.

» Business Consultancy : Stride Consultancy Services Group is one of the knowledgeable, proficient and self-governing service provider firms who work separately to resolve business troubles.

Stride has their own superiority oath coordination so that customers can believe positive in the services. We at Stride offer which we are committed to the permanent proficient enlargement of our consultants.

We are stay in Dubai, UAE present , training and advice to business professionals in Dubai and nearby countries.

» Accounting - Auditing Services :

Stride Business Consultancy Services furnish complete Accounting – Auditing – Bookkeeping Management which is premeditated to entire daily monetary record-keeping responsibilities as well as your month-end closing responsibilities, followed by preparation of your monthly financial reports and examination of your production.

Stride wishes you to think secure that your bookkeeping structure precisely replicates your in progress circumstances so that you can focus on management of your trade.

The Process starts from basic bookkeeping which can be irresistible depending on the volume of your trade and the amount of dealings. Stride will deal with your business investments and stay you on the correct pathway.

» Company Incorporation :

Stride Consultancy provides company incorporation services along with formation, applications, online registration. We are deliver services to UAE and all types of worldwide companies. We guide the clients about how to setup a company along with incorporation procedure with legal forms and formula. We are highly experience in the business with cheap price structure for all type of services. If you are forming a Company and wish to register company’s incorporation, we are here to help you out with fast, efficient, economical and accurate process.

Site :

PO box 31303 Level 41,Emirate tower,Sh.Zayed Road. Dubai(UAE)

Tel : + 971 4 3199030 Fax : 971 4 3199031 Mobile: +971 50 3787241

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Duabi Business Consultancy Services- Jumeira Consultant

Jumeira also makes arrangement for Business Finance, Preliminary preparations for business set up, Legal and Financial assistance, Operational Planning and construction of strategies, Equipment and personnel staffing for setting up business in UAE. We, at Jumeira Consultancy are highly regarded for our efficient and strategic approach in completing the licensing procedures and obtaining licenses.

We, at Jumeira we provide complete information on rules, regulations, advantages and disadvantages of company formation in UAE. There is no taxation levied on capital and profits, easily convertible currency, full return of capital and profits, no foreign exchange limitations, quicker business set up and assured economic growth are some of the key benefits for which foreign investors opt for Dubai business incorporation.

Our array of Business Formation Services includes carrying out procedures for Commercial Licenses issued for Trading business, Professional Licenses that are issued for craftsmen and artisans. Other licenses are Industrial Licenses for establishing industrial or manufacturing activity. We promptly complete the required documentation to the Dubai Economic Department which is the authority to issue these licenses.

Jumeira consultants provide trouble free legal and documentation services at reasonable pricing. Companies opting for Free Trade zones are exempted from legal expenditure and are asked to deposit a nominal registration fee that is as low as 5,000 Dirham currently.

Business formation as an LLC is a most common form of UAE company incorporation procedure. Clients can obtain a UAE trade license from the government. Along with trade license client can obtain local visas, office premises on lease and they can open a local corporate bank account in UAE. Industry License is necessary for establishing industrial or manufacturing Business which is issued by the UAE Economic Department.

Jumeira can provide all the necessary support and assistance regarding company formation in Dubai or anywhere in UAE. Without physically present in UAE, you can set up a business as our expert services are methodical to ensure that no errors occur.

Our multi-professional business formation assistance team delivers a combination of business advisory and consulting services, transaction support and project management support for internal investments.

Our expert consultants guide foreign investors at the pre-investment stage by providing advice on entity formation and ensuring regulatory compliances. We also assist in location planning, real estate support and personnel recruitment to save resources and time. Post the business incorporation; we also assist the client in local routine tasks in the initial stages of business operations as it is an unfamiliar location for them.

Thus, by our expertise proven methods in offering services allow the client to save management time in dealing with regulations, customs, business practices, operational issues, etc.

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WRAPPA: Brand Management and Strategic Planning

Planning identifies a path, a course, on which a brand should be firmly set. This is based on extensive research by those in the know on how to further that brand’s position in the market, and predict, in theory, the likeliest destination for positive result.

Digital brand management essentially takes the process of planning and applies the result to today’s perpetually morphing environment. With the two working as one, a brand can change to suit the market; retaining the formula for its own success and relevance, sought from that planning.
Digital Brand Management Today
In today’s volatile market conditions, there is often a significant disconnect between the fastidiousness of rigorous account planning and the ever dynamic reality of effective brand management.

Many brands have felt this disconnect, with planning coming across as fleeting - a once-off - and brand management mired by yet another significant market change.

Brand management, however, is the focus, and should be seen as more of an umbrella term under which planning and affordable creativity (the final point in the delivered product) can comfortably coexist; and co-produce.
Brand Management as a Strategic Tool
Brand management involves:

Addressing the market – if that market has been identified, brand identity has been established, and a voice has been built, a significant chunk of planning is done. All that remains is continued maintenance of what that brand is about.
Being recognisable – recognisable but ready to change direction if and when it needs. When the markets change, a brand should be a stalwart of a trade…but a fresh stalwart. All planning then falls into place.
Having patience – think of brand management as being on a constant retainer. It needs to be visible, no matter the market, and needs to be recognisable, no matter the brand vision. Rest assured though, every minute of market visibility is one that will further sharpen the lines that can blur business intent.

These tools are basic fundamentals to brand management, and all echo in mantra as to how to approach strategy and planning, too.
The Brand Management Spectrum
Many clients of agencies and creative firms have voiced unease at the relevance of planning, or strategic facets to brand building.

The fact of the matter is, even though a brand management approach should cover all aspects of an account, planning and strategy need to work as contributor.

In the marketing crucible, both fulfil a number of significant roles individually, but when placed in succession - and along with well-executed creative input – a tempest of idea and vision often results, leading to the stellar rise of the brand involved, no matter the economic or market standing.

Adapting Franchise Consulting for Profitable Business

A company willing to franchise must comprehend that it is entering a new business, giving an entirely different service in training and support to a whole lot of new business owner or operators. This novel business needs different skills, abilities and expertise. In the new business of franchise consulting, it is critical to develop effective valuation, credentials, mentoring, training and conferring skills. Since these new skills are hardly ever present within existing employees, an outside franchise authority is needed to train existing recruits and plan the transition. An essential step before any franchise expansion program gets underway is a scrutiny of the perception and business model. There must be adequate prosperity in the business model so that fee and other payments can be made and leave the franchise investor with a satisfactory profit. A flourishing franchise consulting begins with a concrete plan - a foundation for franchising. The long-term goal is to institute balanced, incorporated, successful business relationships with qualified individuals who support the company's goals and image.

As the franchise consulting market heats up, needs for these consultants, also known as brokers and coaches, is booming. The advisor is working for the franchiser as well as the franchisee. Even though many consultants aren't on a franchiser's payroll, the franchiser eventually foots the bill for the consultant's services. Typically, franchisers pay consultants a proportion of the franchise fee that new owners pay when they sign on. Another deliberation is that many consultants extend a network of franchisers they have worked with, and sometimes present only those brands to clients—whether they are the best fit or not. And the risk of bad matches rises as the ground gets more crowded and consultants try to close more covenants to stand out. Over the time, the consultant assisted steer her away from a pet-hotel chain and into a mobile pet-grooming business—one that was not in his portfolio—based on an assessment of her resources and accessibility. Franchise consulting companies talk with people who are concerned in starting a business. Sometimes latent owners have a universal idea of what they want to do but most of the time they actually don't have a clear vision.

As an elementary step, a franchise consulting company should help you decide if running a franchise business is truly right for you. They should also guide you through an idea self analysis to help you determine your financial, lifestyle, and business objectives. That information should serve as the basis for pointing you to the best franchises that meet your needs out of the thousands of options available, and he should assist in your assortment process. He should guide you through a thorough due assiduousness process, covering all the budding snags such as local licensing requirements with which the franchisor may not be recognizable. He should assist in formulating the right questions to ask both the franchisor as well as other franchise owners. If financing is an issue, the consultant should direct you to prospective sources. He also should help you find well competent legal and financial advisors who understand the tinges of owning and running a franchise business.


International Courier Company

How to select International Courier Company

International courier Service is very much important in this competitive edge of delivery process. Everything is now online on Internet. Product Search, Mailing, Online shopping have made communication and purchase within a few minutes of product and service analysis. Global businesses have grown multiple times than a few years back. In such situation needs to deliver the product/courier to national and international destinations quickly. Courier companies needs to follow the current market requirements of prompt delivery. Those not following the trend are very difficult to sustain in the business competition. This is to be well understood by the courier companies and elaborate the express services to national and international locations, which is an ultimate benefit to the customers for fast and safe delivery with tracking of the documents during the process.

There are few parameters, which customers need to take care while selecting the best international courier company to deliver their products as below.

1) International courier company should be proven and have good track record of parcel delivery, which one can know from the list of their valued clients. Big corporate houses always make tie up with courier companies which delivers best courier services.

2) The international courier company should follow all the rules and regulations of the origin country and destination country to deliver parcel in lawful manner.

Avoid the courier company not following the ethical ways and process for delivery. This may put your documents/parcel delivery at risk and delay. Courier Company having authorized license from the international backend providers as well from the local government to provide the courier services at national and international level are valid.

3) The international courier company must have sound backend delivery system and process in abroad countries like USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Russia, Africa etc. DHL, UPS, FEDEX are well known International courier backend provide services worldwide. Your courier company should be an authorized associate of such International backends for assured and safe delivery of your parcel.

4) The courier company must have insurance facility for valued document/parcel/products. Insured parcel gives you assurance that your parcel will be delivered safely and by chance on lost/missed/any breakage before delivery, one can get full ensured amount of the parcel.

5) There should be a defined delivery time frame for different destinations. The courier company should follow the committed delivery days, as per the International Standards with delivery acknowledgement for ensured delivery confirmation.

6) The perfect tracking system must be there to track down the parcel status. The courier company must provide the accurate tracking system to the client to know their on way parcel status for them and their counterparts for confirmation

7) The courier charges should be reasonably cheap compare to others but not at a quality compromise. Select the courier services which ensure the safe and secure delivery of the parcel within stipulated time frame at reasonable rate service but with no quality compromise and following all safety measures.


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Management consulting indicates both the industry of, and the practice of, helping organizations improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing business problems and development of plans for improvement Consultancies may also provide organizational change management assistance, development of coaching skills, technology implementation, strategy development, or operational improvement services. Management consultants generally bring their own, proprietary methodologies or frameworks to guide the identification of problems, and to serve as the basis for recommendations for more effective or efficient ways of performing business tasks.


In general, various approaches to consulting can be thought of as lying somewhere along a continuum, with an 'expert' or prescriptive approach at one end, and a facilitative approach at the other.

In the expert approach, the consultant takes the role of expert, and provides expert advice or assistance to the client, with, compared to the facilitative approach, less input from, and less collaboration with, the client(s). With a facilitative approach, the consultant focuses less on specific or technical expert knowledge, and more on the process of consultation itself. Because of this focus on process, a facilitative approach is also often referred to as 'process consulting,


There are many different ways that internal auditing may be approached: some are investigatory/ transactions-based while others move towards a systems approach. There is an argument that the most efficient use of audit resources occurs where one concentrates on reviewing systems as opposed to examining individual systems' transactions.

It is possible to use force-field analysis to weigh up the factors that together define the actual audit approach that is applied in any organization.


Internal auditing performed in many different ways and there are a variety of models that may be applied to discharging the audit role. The organization will define its audit needs and this will help to establish which types of audit services are provided. Moreover, an audit department will contain different types of auditors who collectively discharge the audit function. Internal auditing is about evaluating risk management and internal controls and this should be a central theme in most audit work; internal auditors have toyed with providing a form of internal consulting service for many years. The IIA standards now make it crystal clear that internal audit may provide consultancy as well as assurance work to an organization.




Professional Practices Framework suggests six types of consulting work:


1. Official appointments: planned and written agreement.

2. Informal engagement: routine information exchange and participation in projects, meetings etc.

3. Crisis services: temporary help and special requests.

4. Evaluation services: information to management to help them make decisions, e.g. proposed new system or contractor.

5. Facilitation services: for improvement, example- CSA, benchmarking, planning support.

6. Corrective services: assume direct role to prevent or remediate a problem, e.g. training in risk management, internal control, and compliance issues drafting policies.







In additional: It is important to make clear exactly what constitutes consulting work since IIA Implementation Standard says: ‘The nature of consulting services should be defined in the charter.' One difficulty is type one consulting which consists of a formal engagement with a planned and written agreement. The IIA encyclopedia series goes on to distinguish between optional consulting work and mandatory assurance services:


Assurance: adequacy of entity internal control, adequacy of process or sub-entity internal control, adequacy of ERM, adequacy of governance process, compliance with laws or regulations.


Consulting: improvement in efficiency or effectiveness, assistance in design of corrective actions, controls needed for new systems design, benchmarking.


Individual internal auditors may have knowledge, experience and skills other than their internal audit skills which management would like to exploit. For instance, internal auditors may also have particular training, experience or qualification in IT, accountancy or legal issues. If a consultancy assignment is to be delivered in which these skills will be of particular benefit it will, However it will be necessary to make clear in the agreed Terms of Reference for the assignment that the Head of Internal Audit can only be accountable for ensuring due professional care is taken in developing advice offered on risk and control issues. If management choose to place reliance on specialist advice drawing on skills beyond the internal audit skills set this will be at their own risk in respect of due professional care and it should be made clear that the work is carried out outside of the core internal audit remit. All acceptances by management of advice given to them, of course, involves acceptance by management of accountability for the consequences of implementing the advice



Relationships with management, other auditors and other review bodies are especially important in consultancy work. Consultancy work relies on working in partnership with management and internal auditors engaged on consultancy assignments should pay particular

Attention to building effective relationships with managers. The scope and objectives, timing,

And reporting arrangements should be agreed for consultancy assignments in the same way as

For assurance assignments. The objectives should make it clear that the internal auditor's involvement is a consultancy role. The Head of Internal Audit will reserve the right to audit any risk management, control and governance process developed with Internal Audit acting in its consultancy role.