Marriage As a Business Proposal

People marry for all sorts of reasons. People enjoy being married and stay married for reasons that evolve over time. Though studies have shown being married is associated with a longer life span (for men, at least), I don't believe--nor is there evidence--that a married life necessarily results in more happiness in the long run than a life lived singly. However, marriage is challenging in ways that living singly is not. Because viewing the challenges of a given situation in the context of a parallel situation can generate a fresh perspective and energy for problem solving, I thought I'd describe an analogy that--while not able to encompass or explain every aspect of married life, including the wonderful and necessary dimension of love--has nevertheless served my wife and I well: marriage as a business proposal.


All the remarks that follow can be applied to same-sex relationships as well.

Marriage is like a business but not all businesses are created equal.

A marriage is more like a Partnership than an LLC, a partnership whose purpose is the management of a shared life. Partnerships are formed as a result of two companies merging. Mergers are always performed to improve the profitability of the two companies involved. Profitability is defined as net gain. Good partnerships result from a careful choosing of partners that have a shared vision for a company, complementary skills, and similar long-term goals. How each partnership defines these parameters will vary depending on the type of partnership in question and in general defines your partnership's business plan:

1. Net gain: Is it lots of money? Lots of travel? Lots of romance? Lots of stimulating conversation? Just what does each partner view as the main benefit of marriage?

2. Vision: Will the partners spend a lot of time together or a little? What activities will you do together and what activities will you do apart?

3. Complementary skills: Is she a good organizer? Is he a good accountant? Is she a bargain hunter? Is he good with contractors?

4. Long-term goals: Does he want kids? Does she want to live in the suburbs?


If one company takes over another, you don't have a merger--you have an acquisition. Acquisitions aren't about the coming together of equals. Acquisitions are about one company absorbing another into itself while retaining the essence of its original identity, an identity to which the absorbed company remains subservient. Certainly, many marriages are built on the acquisition model. And not that it can't work, but because people in general tend to grow more independent over time, the acquisition model may become problematic as the subservient partner feels increasingly less inclined to remain so.

Though acquisitions are difficult, true mergers--where two companies come together as equals to create a blended entity resulting in a new whole greater than the sum of its parts--are even harder. Though opposites may indeed attract, as the saying goes, in my view usually (though not always) in a mutually pathological way (eg, the attraction between a overly dependent person and a person who needs to be needed). In general, to be successful as a new company, mergers must abide by the Matching Principle, which states that the two companies involved must be evenly matched in certain key areas:

1. Physical appearance. We don't like to think this matters, but if one of you is significantly more attractive than the other and one or both of you is insecure about it, the marriage could easily find itself poisoned by jealousy.

2. Intelligence. Too great a difference makes enjoyable conversation between partners difficult.

3. Educational level. Same comments apply as in #2 above.

4. Personal interests. Not that you need to have identical interests, but there must be some degree of overlap.

5. Beliefs. Religious, moral, and political (in descending order of importance). Not that you need to have identical beliefs, but if yours lie too far apart, the friction may generate enough heat to cause irreparable damage in the long-term.

6. Interest in children. Hard to have a successful marriage if there isn't agreement on this issue.

7. Degree of happiness. If one of you is significantly happier than the other, it's hard to create a happy partnership.

8. Grieving styles. A psychologist friend of mine once suggested that couples don't divorce because they suffer devastating losses, but rather because they have incompatible styles of grieving. (Or because one partner refuses to let the other grieve as they wish). Unfortunately, most couples will eventually grieve together over something. I discussed grieving and grieving styles in a previous post, Letter To A Widow.


Certain business processes, if followed, will help safeguard the long-term health of your partnership. The problem most partnerships face isn't that they don't perform these functions but that they don't perform them consistently. The reason standard operating procedures (SOPs) work to make businesses successful is that they're actually "standard"---that is, they're applied by every member of the partnership. SOPs aren't a part of every business model, but businesses that use them are in general more successful. Here are some important SOPs you might want to consider incorporating into your partnership:

1. Play to your strengths. Let her handle the finances if she's better at math. Let him cook if he's the "foodie." Know who is responsible for each task that maintains a home and a relationship and do your best to distribute the tasks in a way that feels equal to you both.

2. Reserve adequate self-time. One partner may need more, the other none at all. But agreeing before the merger how much each needs and is willing to give is crucial.

3. Review your partnership goals . First, establish some. Second, ask on a regular basis if you've met them. If you haven't, why not? Make business decisions. Fix what's broken with merciless precision.

4. Compete together. Studies suggest when couples compete on the same team against others, whether Scrabble or beach volleyball or whatever, it brings them closer together and makes them feel happier with the partnership. Pick activities you both enjoy.

5. Plan "theme" nights. Examples include date nights, alone time periods, and goal setting discussions as described above.

6. Periodically reexamine and reinvent your partnership's business plan. How you define your partnership's net gain, vision, complimentary skills, and long-term goals will change whether you discuss them or not. As an example, the way a start-up defines these terms will necessarily be different from the way a mature corporation does. Don't let circumstances define them for you. Being proactive works to ensure both partners feel they have control over the partnership and therefore that it will continue to meet their needs.

7. "If it's important to you, it's important to me." This is my wife's constant refrain, her point being that creating a successful partnership requires each partner to make the important cares of the other their own. I struggle far more than she does to care about things that aren't intrinsically interesting to me but that are only on the table because they're important to her. But the reason I take the struggle on is because I think she's right.

8. Define a strategy for communication. Poor communication is the number one weakness of even the most successful businesses. Companies often have no clear method of getting their messages communicated internally (even though email, for example, is ubiquitous, it's consistent use is not--not everyone looks at every email they receive or has an efficient way to sort important from unimportant messages). When making corporate changes, companies often fail even to make communication a part of their plan at all, or if they do, they place it at the bottom of their list of action items. But the best change strategy in the world will fail if: 1) no one knows about it, and 2) no one adopts it. To achieve adoption, actively involve key stakeholders in the change so they don't feel like change is being done to them but being done by them. You cannot communicate too much or too often. Get in the habit of cc:'ing or Bcc:'ing your partner on email correspondence to outside vendors that involves partnership maintenance activities. If you need to deliver a key message directly to your partner that involves difficult or unpleasant feelings that need to be discussed, you might try, for example, writing the message down as a memo. Literally. When you make a regular habit of sending messages to one another about your relationship in the form of emails or written letters, communication often becomes not just a SOP, but a remarkably smooth and effective one. Writing ideas down also has the beneficial effect of helping you to clarify your position and analyze your feelings about it--as well to calm you down. I've written many a memo that I've never sent, having learned in the writing that the fault I attributed to my wife was actually my own. Have fun with this: maybe even create a corporate logo for your marriage.

Despite the use of these and other strategies, even the healthiest marriages remain in constant danger failing. Truthfully, marriages aren't just like businesses; they're also like flowers: in need of constant watering. But--whenever you get fed up with your life and really mad at your partner, obsessively focused on his or her negative qualities, and find yourself gleefully fantasizing about leaving and finding a new partner at some other superior company where those negative qualities are absent--pause a moment and remember why you chose your current partner in the first place. If you chose wisely (and admittedly that's a big if), you might just realize all the positive qualities you saw in the beginning are still there; that the virtues that made your partner such a great match for you in the first place still makes him or her the best choice you could have made. At least, that's what always happens to me.

Project Management Consultants

Project management consultants are specialized consultants that are involved in the task of identifying, defining, planning, implementing and reviewing projects for their clients. They can either advice a client on the best way to carry out a given project or undertake to carry out the entire project on behalf of the client.
These consultants help a client to go through each step of the project life cycle in the most viable and cost effective way to achieve the objectives set for a particular project. The project life cycle outlines all the steps that a project goes through from beginning to completion. The project life cycle consists of the following steps:
Project initiation
This is the first step where the project is defined in terms of scope and expected results and out come. The project can be divided into phases for ease of execution.

In this stage, the tool and resources required are also identified and appointed. A thorough feasibility study is undertaken to determine the viability of the project. Risks are identified and measures for countering risk are stipulated.
Project execution
The project is then executed in the different phases. The project management consultants keep an eye on the progress on ground compared to planned progress to ensure that time lines are kept and objectives are being met. At this stage, corrective measures are under taken based on challenges encountered.
Project closure
The project closes once all the phases are implemented. The objectives set must also be fully achieved for the project to close successfully. A project review is undertaken at this stage and a detailed report is written.
Post project analysis
It is important to carry out a post project analysis to compare the actual achievements with the goals and objective one intended to achieve. In this stage, any deviations in terms of time and resources between what was planned and what actually happened are identified.
The goal of project management consultants is to ensure that the project objectives are met in the most cost effective way. It ensures that all resources are maximized and costs are minimized without compromise on the goals and objectives. The consultants will use a variety of project management tools to track progress.
The project management consultants will appoint a project manager who appoints a team that works with him from inception to completion of the project. The project manager must be a well trained and experienced leader who is able to manage the team to achieve the project objective. The team must consist of individual with the requisite skills and experience to cover all areas of the project. The team must be cohesive with members who are able to work together and understand their different roles and responsibilities.

For the success of any project, it is important to work with , project management consultants because of their skill and experience. Project management consultants can help you make your project a success. To make your project less stressful and more successful, see

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Online Proposals ? Create Them Easily

What is a proposal?

It is a written offer made by a seller to a buyer mentioning key steps in the complex sales graph. There are solicited proposals that are written to respond to the published requirements. There are formally solicited proposals and informally solicited business proposals. Let us take a look at the components of each.

Formally solicited proposal:

Matrix needed to match customer requirements with page numbers and paragraphs of the requirements addressed.

Executive summary outlining the basic benefits of the seller's solution to suffice the needs of the customer.

Technical volume demonstrating how requirements will be fulfilled.

Cost volume providing details about expenses and how the money will be capably utilized.

Informally solicited business proposal:

Description of the vendor's abilities and products.

Discussion relating key issues and problems.

Cost of the offering

Plan regarding delivery of services and products

For any person creating online proposals, it is very important to use only the right program that is user-friendly. Online proposals need to be highly functional and there can be no compromise with the look since it will help in generating business. You would need to search for a capable software over the net, and you will be amazed to see the variety that is available. More often than not, it becomes difficult to search for a software that is affordable. Many times firms with low budget have to compromise with the quality, and they end up opting for a software that costs less. However, this does not mean that there are no tools that offer high quality in a low budget. A majority of people has the perception that getting a software to create online business proposals means expensive fees and dis-satisfactory results. The world of online proposals does not have to be so perplexing. There are always many solutions available that can help and guide your way to creating online business proposals. There are fully customizable skins and layouts provided in the software programs that can be readily used when you are making proposals. It is small business owners who need the ability to create easy online proposals because the resources available are limited. Big businesses have many resources, that is  why they can spend huge chunks of money to take services of professionals. Only to offer added assistance to small business owners, various programs are created or developed.


Research Proposal Writing Topics

The following recommendations are only advice that will improve your academic writing habits. If you have been assigned to write a research paper you possibly can be at loss because of research proposal writing topics. Of course, it will be difficult to find the correct theme for your paper but still possible. In case you need to find research proposal topics you need to remember Three principal things, your own references to the theme, the needs of the research community and of course availability of correct materials.

How to Select the Appropriate Theme. Research Proposal Writing Topics

Generally research proposal paper will contain a mission statement, vision statement and of course business plan. The primary aim of the author will be presenting the primary idea in a clear, logical and easily understood way.

Take into consideration that a good research proposal presumes that the author has already thought about the project and has devoted some time for the gathering right material and literature. Doesn’t matter in case you are searching for research proposal writing topics or argumentative essay topics for college it is crucial to meet the prescribed deadline.

Research Proposal Writing Topics Suggestions

• History and evolution of Buddhism in the world

• Advertizing methods in business

• Alternative Factors to College Success

• The Risk Factors of Heart Attack

• The Effects of Gender, Income, Race and Religion on the Amounts of Donations to Charities

• Analysis of College Undergraduate Studying Time

• Health Care of America

• Determining the Price of Television Ads

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Become A Management Consultant

If you want to become a management consultant or start your own consulting business, there are certain skills you should have. Not only will these skills help you perform your job, they will make you more marketable to potential clients and make growing your business much easier.

You may possess some or all of these abilities already, but if you are lacking in some areas, consider taking a class or getting involved in a group or organization where you can practice using these skills and build up your potential.


If you are a creative thinker, you are probably good at thinking outside the box and solving problems. Being able to think outside the box is critical to being a good management consultant because your clients are relying on you to come up with solutions that they cannot see themselves.

Brainstorming is a great technique for coming up with new and different ideas and solutions. There are books on brainstorming that can help with this (for example, "How to Get Ideas" by Jack Foster). It is a cheap way to help you excel in your career.


The skill of communication is important in virtually any field, but when you are working with a client one-on-one, you cannot pretend to be a good communicator. Being able to listen and make the client feel like they are heard is a great asset. Understanding what a client and wants and being able to deliver just that will get you repeat business and referrals.

There are communication classes that teach students things like how to relate to others, social and business etiquette, how to be an effective team player, etc.. If you think that you need to enhance your communication skills, contact your local community college or city recreation department to see what classes are available.

Computer Skills

These days, it is essential to be skilled in the area of computers and technology if you are going to be consulting other businesses. You will need to use computers and other modern technology to effectively communicate and provide services for your clients. In addition, your expertise in this area can assist your clients in more effectively using the latest technology themselves to increase the efficiency of their operations.


Your clients are depending on you to lead them in the right direction. Management consultants must be confident, decisive and inspiring to others in order to get them to follow and take action. Other traits of leaders include honesty, intelligence, competence and courage. While some of these are personality traits or values rather than learned skills, they are good to keep in mind when consulting with clients.

Ability to Work under Stress

Management consultants need to be able to work well even in stressful situations. Working with businesses means there will be lots of projects going on, a variety of people to deal with and of course deadlines. If you don't handle stress well, you most likely will not enjoy your work, and it will show. However, if you thrive under stress and do your best work under deadlines, you can be a great asset to your clients.

Cross Cultural Communication Consultants

Cross cultural communication consultants have return a protracted method in the short period of your time such specialists have been in demand. Now not are they expatriates with some years overseas experience and the potential to impart their data onto others. Cross cultural consultants now bring expertise that's founded upon a variety of key factors.

Cross cultural consultants generally have a broad data and experience of 2 or additional different cultures. This knowledge is then used to assist firms and individuals overcome challenges caused through cross cultural differences in business. Areas in which help is needed may range from relocation briefings to company mergers or management techniques. The ability to diagnose and treat cross cultural issues is developed through their experience in an exceedingly range of various fields.

Tutorial Knowledge

Cross cultural consultants can usually have an academic background either in specific courses such as 'Cross Cultural Communication and Trade' or 'Cross Cultural Psychology' or in connected courses like 'International Relations' or 'Business Studies'.  Their studies will equip them with the educational skills and information of the sphere that will later be applied in the business context.

Business Apprehend-how

It's vital for cross cultural consultants to own considerable business experience.

If this is lacking then academic information isn't typically sufficient to perceive the mechanics of business operations. In order to understand how things work and the various challenges facing managers and workers it's essential to have experienced it 1st hand.

Training Expertise

Through courses and practical experience a cross cultural consultant will have data of coaching techniques. This will include communication skills, presentation methods, the utilization of activities and utilization of various technology and media.

Living Abroad

Expertise of living abroad, mixing with completely different cultures, speaking completely different languages and operating in foreign offices is very important for any cross cultural consultant. While not having been exposed to a completely different culture how will one advise on working effectively with that culture? It's important that this emersion in the target culture has been to the extent that the cross cultural consultant can totally empathise with the culture and perceive its dynamics.

Speaking a Foreign Language

Language include cultural coding. All specialists, commentators and linguists are unanimous that while not data of the language the culture can never be appreciated. A cross cultural consultant can so have this insider data not solely through living and working in an exceedingly country but also by using and understanding the language.

The complexity and diversity of cross cultural challenges in the international business world is mirrored in the broad knowledge and skills of cross cultural consultants. Drawing on expertise gained through a selection of interrelated fields, the cross cultural consultant is now really a specialist of nice importance.

Sap Consulting

Anywhere you go, big and small companies need people to run their businesses. These resources are hired based on their skills, experience and level of expertise on the specified job description. However there are instances that the required skills are not covered in the business structure and that these can only be achieved by contacting a third party. For projects that require SAP background, an SAP consulting company can provide the people a company needs. However, not all consulting companies are accredited with SAP as subsidiaries and because of this, only a few are given the prestige to be considered as subsidiaries. To be accredited as an SAP subsidiary requires accreditation that will assess the capacity of the company to provide qualified and experience professionals. This way, the credibility and reputation of SAP is maintained without regard of geographical locations.

SAP is a vast technology that can be customized according to the specifications of the business. The different modules it offers provide this flexibility for updates and upgrades. There are some businesses that get their inputs from the consultations provided by an SAP consulting company. Often times, the company provides the expertise on a project basis which is why that SAP consultants are often assigned to different projects at the same time. Throughout the project, planning, assessment and implementation are done to roll out the changes required for efficiency gains. Start-ups and existing businesses alike need this kind of flexibility to push for the changes required in the business.

As a whole, anyone can become one of the prestigious groups of SAP consultants as long as he or she is dedicated with continuous learning and development. An SAP consulting company addresses this need by providing trainings on new updates available as well as certifications for professionals. SAP BI consultants that are backed with certification are more in demand than those who do not have. This is one way of constantly raising the standard for SAP expertise to be globally competitive regardless of organization or business as a client. As different industries continue to advance themselves with their operations and organizational structure, it is important to be adaptable with the changes that globalization brings.

All of these people need to acquire the required SAP knowledge and skills or even SAP certifications through training. Moreover, people need to learn to do business in a totally new way. To define how much SAP training every person needs, a company can make use of a skill set matrix. With this matrix, a manager can identify who possesses what knowledge, to manage and plan training, by defining the height of expertise with a number between e.g. 1 and 4 for each skill for each employee
For more information on SAP Consulting you can visit

Small Business Consultant:why You Need A Marketing Plan Layout #1

One question I hear a lot as a small business marketing consultant, is why a business needs a marketing plan? A very important part of your marketing plan layout is to know if an opportunity really exists for your service or product and to have a basic understanding of your market and competition.

As a business owner you must know the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors as well as be familiar with your customer base. All these factors should be included in your marketing plan layout as well as the following:

1) Market research
2) Competition
3) Your target customer group
4) Budget
5) Advertising and promotion
6) Product or service being sold
7) How to attract and retain customers

Strategic planning for marketing your business is becoming more and more important since competition and technology have made the marketplace very unstable and unpredictable.

For small businesses the best way to start out is to focus on planning for the coming year. You can begin by gathering information about both your business and things like your competition, trends, statistics, marketing services and solutions. You have to get a feel for your business. Markets change, customers come and go. In your second year you can pay attention to a marketing plan for the medium- and long term goals.

Executing your marketing plan can really be a challenge. But deciding what to do and how to do it is another time consuming challenge you should give some serious thought. Many people regard marketing plans as a waste of valuable time but it can certainly provide some peace of mind and direction in the future.

Elaborate charts are not necessary for small businesses but keep in mind that your marketing plan solution will act as a road map to guide you on the road ahead.

As with most other areas in life, you can turn to the Internet for a lot of information you need for your marketing plan layout. Rather spend the time on research before you start out on your new venture that being sorry later.

Many a small business marketing consultant will offer services to help you put together a marketing plan layout that will certainly be a helpful guide as a marketing solution tool in the years to come.

Explore the Benefits of Consulting with Richard Cayne Meyer International

The present world has been witness to problems of global economic crisis and recession as well. As long as the global economy moves smoothly, everything looks alright and works well but as soon as there is some sort of downturn in economic activity, we all experience economic crisis and its adverse effects. So is there a way out to stay safe in such dire straits of economic turndown? Of course, there is a solution in form of apt financial planning.  

Not only the corporate giants but all businesses as well as individuals need a suitable financial plan to secure their future financially. Companies and firms which are specialized and seasoned in financial consultations can lend you a helping hand and can help you plan for the future. One such company is Richard Cayne at Meyer International the Asian based servicing agent for Meyer Asset Management Ltd.

So before time runs out and makes us stand in a chaotic situation, let us explore and benefit from the immense advantages of consulting from this reputed financial consulting company.

Providing financial guidance for different situations – Life is completely unpredictable and therefore we all need to prepare ourselves ahead of the future and strengthen for different sorts of situations. Such strength can be experienced only when you have future financial security and planning mapped out.  This is where Richard Cayne Meyer International can help you out. This independent financial consulting company provides perfect guidance for proper financial planning and also tells you about how to deal financially with situations like life after retirement, life after marriage or divorce, education fee planning for children, buying a new house or managing money for general wealth creation.  

Provides future financial security – Planning your future from a financial perspective is not a cake walk. You ought to get experts’ advice which will let you plan in the right manner. An experienced, established and reputed financial consulting company like Meyer International will tell you about convenient and commodious ways of how to invest your money and how to have the best future financial security and planning by using your assets and available resources to their fullest.  

Provides custom tailored plans – Richard Cayne Meyer International also briefs you about custom tailored financial plans and lets you look and explore the world full of advantages of custom tailored plans. The experienced and savvy experts of Meyer International will closely examine your resources and will investigate what kind of custom plan can best fit your financial needs and capabilities.  

Helping you take the right investment decisions – There are circumstances where you need to invest wisely and carefully. Sometimes you are required to cope up with financial crisis because of some unfortunate occurrences like severe illness and therefore you need invaluable financial guidance for your investment decisions. Moreover, when you have got to take important decisions like buying a business or selling it, taking right investment decision becomes indispensable. The financial specialists such as Richard Cayne Meyer International possess the ability and experience of guiding you in the right way so that you can avail maximum benefits from your action of investment.
Helps you set clear & beneficial future financial objectives – Many of us are unable to set our financial objectives clearly because we do not have the required knowledge for the same. A good company like Richard Cayne Meyer International will act like a financial planner for you and will help you set achievable financial objectives which will give you peace of mind through proper financial planning for your future. As the world’s economic climate keeps on going through various ups and downs, therefore financial planning becomes quintessential for individuals as well as for all sorts of businesses. Apart from the above benefits, this consulting company provides many other financial consulting services too.  

Richard Cayne is Managing Director of Meyer International Ltd based in Bangkok Thailand.  Meyer International Ltd is the Asian based servicing arm for Meyer Asset Management Ltd a world renowned financial services company having ties with over 150 major global financial institutions.  Meyer Asset Management Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Asia Wealth Group Holdings listed at London UK PLUS Stock Market.

Reasons Of A Good Business Proposal

A business proposal has the potential of alluring prospective customers towards an organization. It plays a crucial role in winning the clients and expanding further the customer base of an enterprise. An entrepreneur makes use of the proposal as a tool to offer business to a customer. The main reason of writing and sending an offer letter is to solve a customers problems by proposing ones goods and services as a solution. In this way, a marketer can prepare a professional proposal that might help in leaving a favorable impression on the mind of a customer about the organization.
Features of a Good Proposal:
A good offer letter contains an Executive Summary or an Introduction section. This section is significant as a reader need not to flip the pages to find out the meaning or the purpose of writing an offer letter. One is able to understand the crux of the proposal in the beginning. This saves a lot of time and effort of a reader and it may motivate him to read the entire offer letter in the beginning. Another section is that of the Company Profile which is important. Once a reader goes through the first portion of introduction, it is significant to introduce the organization. Do not brag about your company or harp on the rewards and achievements. Simply mention the origin and reason of the establishment of the enterprise. Support your achievements with facts and mention about any recognition that the company has received. One can also throw light on the certification to demonstrate the enterprise as an authentic and credible one. Next section includes Products and Services or the main Offer to a client. Always, present the main proposal in detail and cover all its aspects so that you have provided complete and comprehensive information.
Tools of creating a Proposal:
There are a variety of proposal creation software programs available in the market. These programs offer a variety of features such as different templates, graphics, themes, design covers and other such things to create an impressive offer letter.

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Consulting Agency

Many times, consulting agencies are precisely required to enhance the fullest potential of a business. Running a corporation has several challenges; however, the good part is that you do not have to do it alone. Services provided by good agencies will help iron out any unnecessary wrinkles and recognize areas you could further enhance for the overall betterment of your business.

Finding a Management Agency:

Finding a consulting agency having appropriate business skills isn't a very easy thing to do. It is obvious that you want the one that can mirror your aspirations and give you appropriate opportunities that may help to achieve your business. Browsing online for the company is sometimes even more difficult, nonetheless, it is something that can be done; given you make use of a profusion of concern before choosing a company offering management services. Being the CEO of the organization, big or small, you will definitely be able to find a consulting agency that meets your specific requirements.

Idea behind Hiring an Agency:

The concept behind employing consultants who furnish business services is that they will help you gain from their specialized abilities and knowledge. The formation of a variety of fresh plans and the execution of diverse methods to operate the business are the solution to a bad success rate of the business. Consulting agencies have particular abilities when it comes to offering business services that examine problems and in helping craft a unique solution to the issue faced by the company.

Although you may just want to make use of management consultants in only one area, this does not mean you can't exploit them in other domains. Business services offered by these agents may include handling monetary matters, e-business, staffing, human resources, and supply-chain management. Remember, the better the flexibility of the consultant, the more rewards can be driven from their services.

When searching for a good agency, look for the one that guarantees thorough research. Most critical matters require instant solutions and the consultants should be able to promptly access resources for solutions and success. This activity should be a part of the services they provide. Remember, when you are paying so much to these agencies you deserve to get services that are value for your money.

Law Firm SEO - Strategize

Law Firm SEO or Search Engine Optimization is all about designing a sound strategy and implementing that strategy to perfection. At the end of the day, the strategy will tell you the who, what, where, when, why and how of how to improve your Google (and other search engine) rankings. So let's delve a bit deeper into what's required to come up with a winning strategy.

1. Know your products/services: your elevator pitch should be short and sweet. In but a few sentences, you should be able to describe your idea, the benefits to your target market(s) (i.e. your clients and customers), how you differentiate yourself from competitors (i.e. what's your sustainable competitive advantage), the history or story behind the idea (this is always a great selling feature), the progress you've made, and your future plans.

2. Know your industry: This means that you should look around for competitors and figure out what services they offer, how they try to distinguish themselves from others.

You should also know where the industry has been (e.g. new, old, dominated by a few player or fragmented along various lines) and what trends are coming down the pipeline.

3. Know your customers: You should not only be able to describe your ideal customer as much as humanly possible (e.g. 18 year old teenager living with his/her family in a certain city working part time and saving up for university and who takes the bus to work), but you should map out the different avenues they would take to find your product or service - both offline and online. This is very important: mass marketing your idea to the world unless you are a General Electric or Tata Consulting company with vast resources and omni-presence.


Pick a niche: The easiest way to tackle a market is to pick a niche. This strategy will put you at the top of your game and make you most memorable to your target market. Remember: most customers want to compartmentalize product/service providers in the marketplace as offering or being good at 1 thing only. Even though you may be capable of fulfilling multiple needs, it's very difficult and not financially worth it to try to market yourself in that way. Remember: it's better to be a big fish in a small pond instead of a small fish in a big pond.

5. Find your target keywords: by doing the 4 steps above, you should have come up with an idea of some keywords to focus on. These are the keywords that members of your target market will type into Google and other search engines to try to find your website. There are many software tools available for purchase to help you identify the keywords in your particular industry that you should be focusing on and which may be under-served by your competitors.

6. Repeat steps 1 through 5: nothing stays the same over time. In fact, that's the only thing that does stay the same.

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Easy Referral Marketing Strategic Alliances-What Works!

What I really like about referral marketing strategic alliances is that it is a joint venture in its simplest form. What do I mean by that? You're typically asking someone to refer to you as you refer to them. How does that work? For example, let's say you're a landscaper and you want to get more clients for your business. You think to yourself okay, who is it that is servicing my potential and perfect client prior to me providing service to that perfect and potential client?

Next, you ask who is providing service to my perfect and potential client after I provide service to my perfect and potential client? You find the people that service your perfect client before you do, before they need you. Then you find the people who service them after you do typically, and after they need you, so you form an easy alliance of referral marketing with each of those people.

For example, for a landscaper, who would that be? Typically, a landscaper is going to have a homeowner for a client, not an apartment owner.

How do we find out who the new home owners are? Who services the home owner today typically in today's real estate market before that person would need landscaping by purchasing a home? A lot of times it could be a realtor.

Could you arrange referral marketing strategic alliances with a couple of realtors where you refer business to each other? Perhaps one of your accounts as a landscaper you happen to know is thinking about selling their house and the reason you know that’s very simple; they stopped paying you landscaping. It's very simple.

You call Mr.

Realtor and you say Mr. Realtor, I have an opportunity to list this house. I know that they're thinking about selling it and in fact, they stopped even paying me for landscaping. They no longer want to keep up their property in such a way, I think they need to sell it, you should give them a call. Please, Mr. Realtor, do me a favor; the next time that you service a new client and you place them in a new home, feel free to let them know about Harry's Landscaping. It can be as simple as that.  

What happens if you are a realtor for example and you have a two and 10 closing ratio? Let's say you do have a two and 10 closing ratio of people you meet with that want to list and sell their house with you. What happens to those other eight prospects that do have a house to sell and yet for whatever reason, whether it was a conflict of personality, whether they didn't like you, you had bad breath - whatever it is - they did not list their house with you to sell?

There are eight other clients there. Is there a possibility that you can form an alliance with another realtor who may also have a two and ten closing ratio and swap those clients via referral marketing? Are there some ethical considerations there? Probably. Is there a way to do it without occluding the entire structure of ethical considerations?


It's sitting down with your client, actually calling another realtor while you're in their house after they've turned down your listing presentation. I hear some of you saying oh my God, that sounds crazy why would I do that? Why would I give business to my competitors?  

The bottom line is your time is better spent with new prospects in that game a lot of times than it is following up with presentations you made with people you didn't connect with. Am I basing that on theory or hocus pocus? No, I'm basing that on the sold and solid facts of real estate marketing agents that I trained.  

And they found, if they instituted this one simple little technique with one realtor, now they find that instead of closing two out of ten they're still closing two out of ten, but now they have eight more fresh prospects to deal with because they were referred to them by Betty, for example.

John closed two out of 10, Betty referred them eight more, they got 20% of that which is 1.6, there's really not a 0.6 of a person but you get the point, now their entire volume of business went up 80% and it didn't cost them a dime. Do the math. From two to 3.6 or from four to 7.2 or what have you.

Of course, the metrics will depend on your particular business and there is nothing to say you can't start an alliance with seven to ten realtors, instead of just one so keep that in mind, that's a huge issue.

Does this easy referral marketing strategic alliances strategy only work for realtors and lanscapers? Of course, not don't be ridiculous, that's just an example, but I hope that this article has given you some ideas of how you can use referral marketing in your own business or career.

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Franchise Consulting or Franchise Brokerage

Franchise consulting is a field similar to any other consultant that focuses on client relationship, whereby the franchise consultant would charge a fee to a client in exchange for a particular service. This is how the field of franchise brokerage was traditionally defined. If a franchisor needed a particular service, whether it was the formation of their franchise agreement, business planning, marketing and sales advice or any other type of third party consulting services, they would hire the consultant, draft a contract and scope of service, and pay consulting fees.

In the last few years, the definition has been changed as various franchise sales networks borrowed the term “franchise consulting” or “franchise consultant” to describe “franchise brokerage”. Instead of charging a fee, the franchise consultant offers their services for free and receives compensation only if their client happens to purchase a franchise.

It is my opinion that this new definition undermines the concept of franchise consulting as a service.

In addition to those that are marketing themselves as franchise consultants, when they are essentially franchise brokers, amounts to nothing more than a misrepresentation of what they offer.

It is a little disingenuous to describe yourself as one thing, when in fact you are doing something else. This is an issue that stirs a lot of debate in the franchise industry, and unfortunately, as franchise networks continue to expand, it could potentially marginalize it. I have seen this issue discussed on linked-in forums, trade shows and franchise radio programs.

Though I have not conducted any polls; still, I imagine to have done so, those in the industry, would prefer the traditional definition.

Please note that there is absolutely nothing wrong with franchise brokerage. Franchise systems are looking to expand their brands and many franchise concept leverage their relationships with various brokerage networks to bring them qualified candidates in exchange for a commission. It is no different than residential or commercial real estate brokerage, mortgage brokerage or leasing brokerage. A fee is paid for a service done.

The issue here is to accurately describe and define the role. If you are a broker being compensated by selling franchises, you can call yourself a franchise broker. And if you are in the field of franchise consulting and are providing additional services for a fee, you can call yourself a franchise consultant.

While I don’t foresee this debate getting resolved in the immediate future, as the franchise industry continues to mature, I think all of us should better call ourselves what we actually are. A close colleague and fellow franchise broker loves to use the phrase “fransparency”. Essentially, it is all about full disclosure. If we lay more focus on this franchise concept, the franchise industry would position itself for the better future.

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Franchise Consultant In India

Retail Consultant play an important role in our overall economy which retail sales gives a trillion amount of annual revenue. Maximum retail consultants are providing products and services to meet the requirement of consumers across the world. 360 Franchises retail consultant service usually operates from a branded shop or other premises and includes shops, fast food outlets and cafes and this is very true that our retail consultancy will continue to thrive where others fail as they use a business model which has been improved and built upon over a period of years. A lot of new businesses will take many years to build a brand which is respected and trusted by customers as well as reliable to them, and economic uncertainty cannot be a bound for these businesses. Through Retail consultant you can build your business on this and get success at a local level by using their knowledge of the area to customize and create a greater demand which idea and consultation is provided by 360 Franchise Solutions.
360 Franchise Solutions provide from start up a business like established, recognized retail consultancy provide the quality and consistency that consumers expect. Begin your own small retail business with the competitive advantage of a retail consultant that will help you to get a high demand, and a business model that has served from a decade in world. To learn more about how to open your own Retail business opportunity, start up a business or if you have been thinking about buying a franchise then please go through the profile from website of 360 franchise solutions and you can get all kind of advice on it with its several type of steps.
360 Franchise Solutions is a free and reputed franchise consultation service for people who are looking to buy an opportunity of franchise business of their own. We have helped thousands of new entrepreneurs now who are became our regular clients. We will consult you for save time researching the "right" opportunity, Discover pre-screened franchise companies and learn where they would be most successful or we can say right business for right person, Avoid costly and devastating mistakes and look after a good and profitable business. Do experience and guidance of our industry experts who will help you investigate, select and buy a franchise opportunity which will be perfect for you according to capital you have.
There are a wide variety of franchise opportunities available with many associated benefits. 360 Franchise offers added security in the form of a proven business structure and support from the franchiser and other franchisees. The type of franchise will usually depend upon existing skills and experience that you have. 360 franchise solutions also provide businesses training and recruitment facility with the franchise brand.

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Achieving Success with Business Consultants

In today’s highly competitive business environment, companies strive hard to retain their position in the market. Business need to find innovative and creative ways to increase their market share and retain loyal consumers. However, in any successful business, management should respond to the changing needs of clients and customers, which entails continuous goal setting, problem solving, planning and other management endeavors.


Today, management consulting services play a big role in identifying, analyzing and addressing the needs of businesses. Business consulting services apply to different areas such as human resources, finance, marketing and promotions, strategic planning, communications, engineering, research, technology, etc. Large and small-scale businesses alike find the counsel of professional consultants indispensable.


To manage any obstacles to growth and remove inefficiencies, business owners turn to analysts or consultants for expert guidance.

Companies hire consulting firms or self-employed consultants to tap their vast knowledge, experience and networks in specific areas. These experts can create collaborative solutions to increase productivity and efficiency.


When looking for skillful business consultants, you may want to consider hiring those affiliated with The Entrepreneur Source Review.

These experts work closely with clients to come up with creative and flexible solutions to address their most pressing needs. You can achieve significant cost savings as you do not need to hire them full time but instead pay for their services on a per need basis.


The Entrepreneur Source Review provides numerous examples of the extensive work they undertake on behalf of clients. It all starts with a detailed analysis of the prevailing situations. Consultants then help clients determine their short-term and long-term goals and identify any areas for improvement. Once all the particulars of the project are laid, they move on to implementation and periodic review.


The Entrepreneur Source Review is certainly a valuable tool for business owners who aim to compete globally. Consultants use different methods such as interviews, observation, focus groups, case studies, and even surveys to determine the best route to follow. They also share best practices in their respective industry to facilitate transfer of knowledge and enable clients to keep hitting their goals well beyond the duration of the project.


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Go International with the Help of Business Consultants

Business consultants can help take your business from small to large with a few expert tactics. Even if you never pictured yourself running a large business with international clients, meeting with a consultant may change your mind. If you've always hoped to take your business to the big time and attract clients from all over the world, a business consultant can help you achieve that goal. There are a number of things you can implement in your business that will not only market your business to clients but help you gain a diverse customer base. It's just knowing how to implement them into your business that can be time consuming and confusing for the average business owner.

Create an Online Presence

One way to reach a mass number of clients and potential clients is to create an online presence. Many businesses already have a website, but just having a website doesn't mean you have an online presence.

An online presence means that your website pops up in the search engines and clients are aware that you exist because they see your business name or brand while browsing the Internet. The days of being able to create a website and wait for people to find you are over. There's too much online competition to expect the clients to come to your website without being led in some way.

There are business consultants who specialise in creating and marketing business websites. Not only will a good consultant help you manage a website, but they'll help you create and organize material for a business blog. The great thing about a blog is that you don't have to personally write the material. You can use someone from your staff or have your consultant find you a freelancer willing to create a few blog posts a month.

Once your name is out there as a master in your field, clients will start to make inquiries.

Customer Diversity

One thing you need to expand is a diverse customer base. Your consultant can sit with you and discuss your current client base and see what changes you could make to diversify. Sometimes it's something as simple as marketing to a new client sector. Other times you may need to offer a new service or product in order to attract a different set of clients. Once you are able to diversity your customer portfolio, you'll find that it's easier to expand the business. Business consultants can help you locate a new clientele and market your services to them.


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