Strategic Plan Consultant Programs are Essential

To have a worthy life we all need advices, trainings and qualifications. After we are graduated and become professional, we often forget many human values due to completion prevailing across the markets. Then moral and technical training programs are essentially required by us. Such trainings or advices balance various professional, emotional and practical thoughts properly. In such scenarios, the strategic plan consultant role comes into the picture. These consultants play an important role in supporting life and making life a worth. Leading and marching on the paths shown by holy saints provided in every religion and in preaches; always focus on to follow the way that leads to humanity and peace.

Therefore, to have a worth life, the coaches or the consultants are the best person to show the ways in this competitive, professional highly practical world.

They keep forcing us to lead the way on which our almighty stepped for enlightenment. In the market, you may be offered with a variety of trainings, programs and curriculum which will involve Strategic Plan Consultant, career training along with various other curriculums in the schedule. Today, there are organizations which are offer such consulting and strategic business training course in the country. But, always check the details and schedules before assigning yourselves for the courses.

Choosing the best organizations which are decade old and well-known in the country will have you very much. In such training schools the coaches or consultants are well trained and dedicate to their trainees or students. Usually, these consultants belong from NGOs which strictly pursues Christianity and its preaching. Keep in mind that subject matter experts are the only fellow who can offer strategic plan consultancy. Essentially, a consultant who constructs your thinking and enhance skills must have years of experience in the field. An experienced consultant adds their own quality experience into the consultancy. Thus, opting for a best institute for strategic plan consultancy always enhances the skills, potential and human values in you.

In such scenarios, the candidates are never charged unreasonably. The consultancy is charged as per hours, timings and duration. The details are kept crystal clear so that none of the parties can indulge in payment related issues. With the time and advancements, today, there is few reputed organization which has equipped well-reputed instructors. Such instructors are award inners from various national and international institutes and organizers. In case you are looking for such strategic plan consultancy, then always opt for the best organization available in the country. These days, online and the electronic marketing are the best option to look for such organizations.

Financial Services: Barvetii International Wealth Consultants

Raising Capital. At Barvetii International Wealth Consultants we understand the importance of raising capital for young entrepreneurial companies. Barvetii International Wealth Consultants provides young companies a great way to get off the ground by investing sufficient capital needed to get to the next stage of their development.

Raising capital can be difficult for any new business, although they have the technical expertise they do lack any business investment experience. This is where Barvetii International Wealth Consultants, Madrid, Spain can help as we understand how vital it is to any entrepreneurial company to be able to have the sufficient funding.

We have a huge network of global partners that we can fall back on to secure any financing for the right company.

Securities Trading at Barvetii International Wealth Consultants


If you own a share of a company's stock then you own a portion of that company, there are two types of stocks available for an investors portfolio.

Common stocks. This stock represents shares that are held by the public. Common stock has the right to vote on company issues, it can also pay out dividends at the end of each quarter. The general public mainly holds common stock. When you hear of investors speaking about stocks going up and down they are normally talking about common stock

Common stocks are easy to liquidate, this allows traders to buy and sell shares in small and big companies on a daily basis with profits being made due to their liquidity.

Preferred stock.

Although the name suggests it is preferred, it actually has fewer rights than common stock. The word preferred means that it has first call on dividends over common stock, this is one of the reasons why many investors prefer to buy preferred stock.

Bonds. Bonds add an extra layer of security to a portfolio and it's a good way to add a fixed income. It's important to have bonds in any portfolio as it adds a balance to any wealth building objectives.

By having bonds in a portfolio of various investments you reduce risk elements associated with investing, bonds add a stable foundation to your portfolio. Especially government bonds that can generate a steady income, that is higher than the interest rates of the high street banks.

Bonds are basically debt investments, as a bondholder you're lending money to corporate or government entities, these entities will give you a fixed rate of return on your investment for a given period. For this reason bonds are normally referred to as fixed income securities.

Mutual funds. A mutual fund is made up of various investments collected together in one pool that the investor invests in the fund. These types of investments are very useful vehicles for small investors as you have access to a professionally managed investment. One of the benefits of having a mutual fund is that you spread the risk over several different companies within the fund framework, and that a fund manager will look after your investment for you.

As fund managers operate mutual funds, it is a good choice for people that don't understand about investing, yet they wanted to invest in shares. A fund can include stocks, bonds, or any other money market instruments that is normally out of the reach of the small investor. they wanted to invest in shares. A fund can include stocks, bonds, or any other money market instruments that is normally out of the reach of the small investor.


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Difference between business plan and business proposal

Business has a lot of words that often confuse people. People tend to mix their meaning and are unable to differentiate them. Business plans and business proposals are amongst these misleading terminologies. People often think of them as one and the same thing. Business plans and business proposals are totally different in their use and nature. Both are documents used in business but both have different purposes. Business plans reflect the long term plan of a business. It reflects the way a business plans to establish itself over a longer period of time. Business proposals on the other hand are not meant for longer term. They are an intention to work out a business venture with another business. The intended audience of both the documents also varies significantly. The business plan is intended for the management as well as the lenders and many others. The business proposal is however a document that is only intended for the other business with whom a business wishes to enter into a joint venture with. Then there is a difference of need. Business plans are needed for establishing a guideline for standing up a business from scrap. It usually defines the directions the business has to follow step wise in order to achieve that. Business proposals are really not for that purpose. They are short term and only needed to communicate a business’s intentions to work with another business. Business plans often help to raise the required capital needed for your venture. Business proposals don’t do this sort of work. Business proposal can be intended or unintended as well. A large public or private company may give an advertisement about pursuing an adventure and want to get third parties involved through an open bidding process. Unintended proposals are those in which the large organization is reached by the third party to pursue a venture with them in doing the business. In both cases the purpose is quite different from that of a business plan.

William King is the director of UK Wholesale Suppliers & Free Trade Wholesalers Directory: , Wholesale Trade Suppliers Manufacturers & Wholesale Dropshippers: , Wholesale Dropshippers & Wholesalers Dropshipping Product Suppliers Directory: and Canada Wholesale Suppliers and Dropshipping Directory: . He has 18 years of experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping retailers, entrepreneurs and startups with their product sourcing, promotion, marketing and supply chain requirements.

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Investment Research: Barvetii International Wealth Consultants

Barvetii International Wealth Consultants invests heavily in making sure we have the right intelligence making the right decisions for our investments.

Importance of Research - Barvetii International Wealth Consultants, Madrid, Spain: Making sure that we research correctly before we invest is key to our success, we are proud of our investment record. Our investment record could not have been done unless we had excellent research systems in place.

We never cut corners when it comes to market research, we know our success is because we are thorough in making sure no stone is left overturned. We will hold consultations with senior managers and directors. We will look at market potential and market experiences and we combine the art of consultation with the science of the very best research tools available.

All the information collected is then analysed and formulated into an overall score, if the score reaches a certain benchmark we then know the investment has potential. By having a formula we can be sure that there will be no emotional decision-making, everything we do is based on facts and figures.

Due Diligence - Barvetii International Wealth Consultants: Its important to have a rigorous due diligence process before entering into an agreement with another party.

Barvetii International Wealth Consultants, Spain has a team dedicated to making sure that any buying of assets undergoes a analysis program. Barvetii's team will review a company's books and provide a detailed summary of company assets with the aim of getting a realistic summary on a company's worth.

Its vital that due diligence is in place as its a way of making sure that no harm comes to parties involved and that the transaction is fair and unbiased.

By taking a disciplined approach to due diligence we can help ensures that any transaction made has a good foundation for success.

Barvetii International Wealth Consultants, Madrid, Spain is primarily an institutional investor, we only invest in companies that show excellent investment potential.

Barvetii was formed when three investment brokers joined forces to create one of the worlds leading boutique brokerages.

The company was born out of frustration since many of the larger brokerages were cumbersome and bureaucratic, the partners formed Barvetii International Wealth Consultants, Spain with the idea that there could be a small, maneuverable dynamic company ready to take on the industry giants.

Their ideas would benefit individual clients greatly as they could tailor solutions specifically for a clients individual wealth accumulation objectives.

Over the years Barvetii International Wealth Consultants, Spain have built a reputation in the industry of being able to spot companies that demonstrate a unique advantage to outperform in the marketplace.

At Barvetii we have one sole mission, to make sure we are the eminent leader in the global financial services industry, and that we will always achieve the best results for our clients.

We strive for the highest possible integrity and ethics in our approach of wealth building. All of our members will have to achieve the very best that they can personally reach. We employ winners who have an appetite for success day in and day out, making sure the clients’ objectives are achieved.

Culinary Consultants in USA

With the relative increase in the food industry in USA a need for culinary consulting has been arising very fast. Numerous of good chefs and culinary operations firms have developed various programs that guide the newcomers in a better way to establish their new setups in the field. Such consultancy helps a lot in setting up a class level service provider in culinary field. The various organizations that provide their valuable support in establishing good culinary points in the various parts of the country.

The Next Idea is a culinary consulting firm which has a highly innovative and experienced team of culinary consultants who have provided their consultancy services to more than 250 clients worldwide and also managing them in a desirable fashion. The Next Idea has provided their culinary consulting services to some main international clients from UAE, India and China.

International Restaurant Consultants is another company in field of culinary operations which has a very talented team, that provides support to foreign clients in resaurant developments.

Such consultants spend much of their time discovering new solutions and generating new ideas that can be applied to existing or new restaurant concepts, with a very high probability of success. Such consultants provide concrete analysis and sustaining consumer research to support the solutions, along with a solid implementation procedure and follow up program. The broad solutions that are provided to the clients by such consultants are. Restaurants start-ups, strategic solutions, concept development, menu design and development, training procedures, new product launches, cost reduction, operations and efficiency, profit solutions and human resource strategies.

Creative Culinary Consulting is another firm providing their useful tips in culinary field. They provide point to point consultancy keeping in view the vision and theme of the culinary settings. They provide services for startups as well as existing restaurants. The one thing about creative culinary consulting is that they will not charge any fees every time they provide solution to their clients instead they charge only once. This consulting firm having vast experience in identifying the problems faced by some restaurant owners and provide the best solution to make their business grow and award profitability.

The most effective restaurant consulting is one that maximizes the growth of your restaurant business. The Next Ideas experience in dealing with concept development, concept design business plans, and financial management is unsurpassable. Food, Design and Whats Hot is treated as  passion for such firms, and their depth of experience as Innovative Food and Operations Consultants enable one to present restaurant solutions that increase frequency, and generate new revenue streams.

Strategic Partnerships and Collaboration

Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). This strategic alliance of countries, international and regional organizations and private foundations supports 15 international agricultural research centers that mobilize cutting-edge food and environmental science to foster growth, reduce hunger and poverty, and protect the environment.

Program on Fisheries (PROFISH). With about 75 percent of marine fisheries either partially or fully exploited, the livelihoods of about 200 million people are threatened. This partnership will tackle the problem on two fronts: policy and investment. The partnership helps countries build consensus around fishery sector strategies and mainstream those strategies into national economic planning frameworks. The more recent Strategic Partnership for a Sustainable Fisheries Investment Fund in the Large Marine Ecosystems of Sub-Saharan Africa is a grant mechanism to co-finance country-level fisheries projects.

International Assessment of Agricultural Science & Technology for Development (IAASTD).

This assessment, led by the Bank in cooperation with other UN agencies, is looking at both past and potential impacts of agricultural knowledge, science, and technology on development including a global assessment and five regional assessments.

Global Forest Alliance 2015. The Global Forest Alliance (GFA) 2015 is a new initiative to consolidate and galvanize synergies among the existing successful forest partnerships. Endorsed by President Wolfowitz in February 2007, the GFA is currently being developed with bilateral donor, civil society, and private sector partners. The partnership will seize new opportunities presented in relation to avoided deforestation to mitigate climate change and strengthen implementation of the 2002 Forests Strategy through the leveraging of new sources of concessional financing and grants.

Global Donor Platform for Rural Development (GDPRD).

Established in 2003, the GDPRD has over 26 member organizations and focuses on advocacy for agriculture and rural development, creating and sharing knowledge for the development community, and harmonizing donor activities in countries (for which it has pilots in four countries). The GDPRD also collaborates with the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) on agriculture issues for the region.

Project Management Consulting

Project management consulting in the process of offering consultancy services to clients on project. A consulting company can work with the client to either give guidance and direction to the client on how to implement a project or undertakes the entire project on behalf of the client.
Project management involves the process of identifying, defining, planning and executing a given project usually within a specified period of time to achieve laid out goals and objectives. Many clients struggle to implement projects without the help of qualified of project management consulting companies to help them through the project life cycle and ensure the project is a success. Success in measured by ability to meet the specific goals and objectives of a project cost effectively and within the set time lines.
In order to be successful as a project management consulting firm, it is important to ensure the following factors are considered:
? Proper definition of the project
It is very important to work with the client to ensure that the scope, goals, objectives and timelines of the project are clearly stated and understood by both parties.

? Contractual agreements
Proper contractual agreement must be drawn up and accepted by both the consultants and the client stipulating the roles, responsibilities, payments and any other expectations by both parties.

? Communication with the client
It is important for the project management consulting company to keep communicating progress and challenges encountered in every step of the project to the client through letters, e mails, meetings and phone calls.

The client should be kept up to date on the project at all times. No decisions or changes should be undertaken without the knowledge of the client.

? Focus on the objectives
Focus must be kept on the goals, objectives and the specified time lines of the project. A lot of other unimportant issues can easily distract the team from the main goals thus hindering progress. These distractions can easily lead to failure of the project.

? Risk management
The project management consulting company must be good at managing risks that come up in the various stages of the project.

? Team management
The consultants should come up with a competent team for project implementation that is well managed and focused. Each team member should be able to understand his role be able to deliver results.

? Resource management
Resources must be well managed to ensure they are put to maximum use with minimal cost. The objective is to implement the project cost effectively without compromise on the goals and objectives.

? Report writing
The project management consulting company must be able to put together a post implementation report for the client. Any deviations from the initial plan in terms of resources and time lines must be noted and properly explained.

Project management consulting services are very important in helping various organizations and individual implement projects. They provide the necessary skills, experience and project management tools that ensure successful implementation of a project. With the tips provided above, a project management consulting business can be very successful.

If you have a high profile project, project management consulting could be just what you need. Project management consulting includes standards to keep projects moving smoothly. To make your project less risky, see the experts at .

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Global Procurement Consultants

Global procurement consultants are effectively experienced middlemen who facilitate relationships between buyers and suppliers across the globe. They act for the buyer in sourcing a wide range of goods and services from raw materials to finished products, a large portion of which is sourced from low cost countries and emerging markets in Asia. These consultants are normally acting as agents or brokers and work from an extensive database of reliable international suppliers with excellent performance records. There are many unreliable and fly-by-night suppliers out there and a third-party specialist can assist with avoiding the pitfalls.

Their service offerings

Some of the best known consultants work on major relief and emergency projects in the development sector of the economy as well as in normal commercial trade. International aid organizations such as the United Nations, World Bank and The Red Cross use their services to source and distribute commodities and services at the best price under wildly varying conditions with tight deadlines. Consultants or agents locate the most economical sources at the most competitive prices, internationally or locally, saving anything up to 50% or even more on the total acquisition price.

Their work process

Most global procurement consultants specialize by industry sector and have areas of expertise such as mining, health, textiles, agriculture, water supply and education. They achieve their success mostly by:

Developing precise specifications and pre-qualifying suppliers
Managing bids and contracts to ensure fairness and to limit risk
Developing systems and processes that ensure accountability, transparency and value for money

Services may include sourcing specified products at the best price through to managing the whole end-to-end process as a turnkey project. Some consultancies project manage the supply chain from inspection of factories, quality assurance of the product, logistics, shipping, and management of all paperwork and negotiation of payment terms. They make their profit through leveraging group spend and buying in bulk.

Using a procurement consultant

Many business owners and NGOs don't even know where to begin with global sourcing because it is complicated and time consuming. Buying the know-how can save the buyer costs and management time, and time is money. A consultants track record is a good indicator of the service you can expect. If they have been sourcing and trading globally for known clients for more than three years and can provide references from satisfied customers, you can be reasonably confident that they can perform the services you need but take the references.

As the world of international trade opens up the global procurement consultants will provide additional services that will provide buyers with cost savings and efficiencies and therefore a competitive edge for their business.

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Consultant Jobs in UAE

UAE is one of the most important countries in Middle East being home to the important commercial and cultural centers like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It certainly represents cosmopolitan culture in Far East since this Islamic region is considered to be conservative. Expats from all over the globe prefer to take up jobs in UAE and relocate to the country as it provides them with hefty salaries along with luxurious lifestyles which they may not be able to enjoy in their homelands. This is what makes working in Middle Eastern countries so lucrative and thus, so sought after. Middle East has always been regarded as an unexplored or a mysterious region which makes it imperative to shift there only when 100% sure. If you plan to take up jobs in Gulf, make the final move only after taking valuable advice from genuine recruitment agencies and conducting diligent online research about every possible thing-country, city, region, culture, lifestyle, etc.

Counseling sessions with genuine consultants or job agencies become indispensable in such conditions.

Not only do people leaving their homelands to relocate to Middle East need consultants but also those moving within the region. The countries in Far East may be Islamic by nature but are very diverse in their cultural outlook. Some offer liberal living while some are still tied in the bounds of conservatism. Undeniably, thoughts, preferences, traditions and other things are changing with time. To understand such evolution both professionally and socially, migrants need consultation and help from outside, arousing the need for consultants. As a result, consultant jobs in Middle East countries especially in United Arab Emirates (UAE) have grown in numbers. Consultant jobs in UAE are counted among the popular careers as more and more people move into and within the region. If we look at the word ‘consultant' a little closely, it actually implies consulting or discussing or even seeking expert advice. With diversification in Middle Eastern economy, numerous sectors are apparently in their development stage as they have been hitherto unknown to the locals of the region.

And since, these growing sectors suffered a grave paucity of skilled manpower, huge numbers of professionals from abroad were being recruited across various sectors. Eventually, the population of foreign workers went so high that it today outnumbers the population of locals. UAE has become the biggest hub of expat professionals with Dubai and Abu Dhabi being the most preferred career destinations in Middle East. There are plenty of jobs in UAE along with a cosmopolitan lifestyle that attracts hordes of qualified and trained foreign workers to the emirate. Consultant jobs in UAE are increasingly becoming important with efforts of Emiratization launched by the government i.e. raising participation of locals in workforce engaged with private companies. Since, it is now fundamental to give more preference to native candidates, companies are hiring consultants that can bring them skilled professionals from local areas. Placement consultants come across as helpful tool for bringing potential candidates and companies together particularly in wake of the Government policy of Emiratization.

Therefore, consultancy jobs in UAE are multiplying due to the expanding economy and subsequently growing needs. Such recruitment agencies are a major help for both the companies looking for professionals and the candidates seeking jobs in Dubai or other emirates in UAE. Those with experience in recruiting or those willing to get into headhunting can apply for consultant jobs in UAE. UAE is a great place to live with a major chunk of expats settling down in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Dubai is the most cosmopolitan city of the Middle East while Abu Dhabi is the capital of United Arab Emirates.

Business Consulting Firms - Announcing 7 Must-Have Methods to Multiply Your Consulting Business

Businesses hire consultants to identify and resolve issues that the company is incapable of handling internally. Consulting firms develop expertise focusing on particular business types. To expand your consulting practice, expand your consulting capabilities. Here are seven must have methods to multiply your business consulting capabilities.

1. Identify Multiple Business Markets

Look at a variety of business markets such as technology, manufacturing, or hospitality. Examine many business categories. For example, there are businesses associated with technology such as telecommunications, medical, automotive, and aerospace just to name a few.

2. Develop Multiple Business Models

Businesses associated with each category have problems and issues unique to the particular business. Identify problems and issues commonly encountered by each business.


Select Growing Markets

Which business markets are growing, stagnating or shrinking? Obviously, you will want to select businesses in markets that are growing.

4. Research Potential Client Base in Each Market

Analyze the types of clients found in each market and match them to your areas of expertise. If your consulting strengths are in technology, focus on businesses with a technology slant such as aerospace, medical, or automotive.

5. Cultivate Prospects Consistent with Your Niche

Once you identify the industries associated with your potential client base, cultivate relationships within those businesses.

6. Develop Best of Breed Methodologies

Your consulting methods and practices separate you from your competitors. Develop 'best of breed' methods and practices.


Plan for the Long Term

You want to keep your clients for the long term. As industries mature, new problems and issues emerge. Continually update your solutions capabilities.

Management Consultant

During these tough economic times, it has become imperative for companies to maintain competitive while maintaining stability.  For more than 25 years, The Corporate Learning Institute has offered management consulting, by providing performance development needs for every level of their client’s infrastructure.  CLI offers a wide range of customized training and development programs designed to provide companies and their employees the skills and tools necessary to reach their full potential. 

Years of experience working with companies on the Fortune 500 list to smaller local businesses, has led CLI to develop the formula unlimited company growth.  The services offered by CLI are designed to help any company or individual make the next step towards their goals.  Their services include; training and development solutions, networking and team building events, individual and team coaching, strategic development and change management, and innovative collegiate programs.  With the explosive growth of the internet, it is not enough to simply present information, and cross your fingers that it sinks in.  Today individuals require an interactive learning experience and qualified professionals guiding them in the corporate waters.  CLI believes that, “Our program design includes experience-based learning, which actively engages the participant.

We have found that active participation ensures that communication, trust, collaboration, innovation, and team identity flourish.”

Over the past few decades the landscape of the business world has made a drastic shift.  Many companies feel that the focus on competition and productivity is the key to success.  While competition among co-workers may encourage employees to push themselves harder, it has also led to the creation of hostile work environments.  Many employees feel as though they must be constantly competing with their fellow co-workers or they will be glanced over.  CLI believes that most productive work environment is one build on trust, communication, and most importantly teamwork.  This is why CLI has spent years studying the effects of positive working environment in the business world.  CLI offers a wide range of team building activities geared towards creating and growing workplace relationships.  These programs are designed to provide co-workers with an opportunity to network and interact outside of the workplace in a series of fun and challenging events.  These events focus on encouraging co-workers to work as a unit, to accomplish their overall goals.  Each individual program is designed to present and reinforce a variety of different aspects which creates an effective workforce. 

One of the strongest messages the Corporate Learning Institute can demonstrate to any company, large or small, is that the future of any successful organization relies on the strength of their infrastructure.  This is based off of years of in depth research and experience providing management consulting to individuals and organizations around the world.  CLI has spent more than 25 years providing organizations with the personnel and tools necessary for long term success.

Business Proposal Templates: Secret to Effective Proposal Writing

Whenever you are required to do something in an apt way, you must use professional approaches for completing that task. This will raise your confidence and will also reduce the likelihood of errors by producing correct outcome. Similarly, when you are required to write business proposals, use business proposal templates to complete your task in an effective manner. There are so many benefits of using templates for writing business proposals. Let’s discuss those benefits:


Templates help you to organize your proposals quickly. On the internet, there is not just one but hundreds of templates available which can be used instantly, when you do not have enough time to write your proposal manually. The need for the templates has been increasing day by day, especially among the large scale businesses.

Proposal Templates are like the utilities that could be used to streamline the business processes.

You can make your proposals effective and beyond the normal.

There are websites which provide easy templates to use for creating proposals in different categories. They do not even charge much amount for downloading those templates.


When you use templates to write proposals, do not miss some significant information pieces which can make a huge difference between a proposal and a good proposal. Basic proposal has a success rate of only 25%; while good proposal increases the success rate, i.e. up to 60% to 80%.

Here are some strategies that you need to follow while using business proposal templates.


Before creating a proposal for some new prospective client, try to develop a strong relationship with him or her. It is not good to write proposal for anyone and everyone who looks a bit interested in your product. The proposal should be sent at the time when you are so close to make a deal.

Begin writing proposal with the problems your prospective client is facing. It will catch his or her attention towards the whole proposal; he/she will read it from start to end to find out what your business is able to provide.

Lastly, remember that the clients would deal with you for some valid reason. You should therefore guide them with the process you are going to follow for solving their problem. Do not mention pricing details here. If the client would be satisfied with the methodology you would be using, he or she would not care for the price.


For making your proposals truly effective, proposal templates are undoubtedly the best choice.

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The Science Of Strategic Planning

Brand strategy can be considered an art form; it has become so developed over the years that there is an actual science to creating the perfect brand and design strategy. Making use of the services of brand consultants will eliminate a lot of legwork. Here is a basic rundown of The Science of Strategic Planning so that you can get an understanding of the process.

Before you even begin to cultivate your own brand strategy, you need to consider a few important factors. These factors are the fundamental ingredients that will build a solid foundation for your brand. You want your brand and design strategy to be able to define you as a company or service provider.

Fundamentals of Brand Strategy

To build a successful design strategy that will ignite your brand you need to start by tapping into the essential elements of what it is you offer. You need to get to the core of what your company represents and find a way to present this through your brand. This is the first step towards total brand development and the step that will mould your brand into something that the public will come to recognise in the future. Professional design consultants can help you achieve this by conducting a complete brand audit of your company.

Your brand consultants will also take the following additional points into account in order to build a successful brand and design strategy for your company:

Who is your target market? Is your brand able to speak to your market or is it suited to a totally different dynamic?
What are your brands objectives? Do you have a clear understanding of what your brand represents? And more importantly, will the public understand this through your brand strategy and messaging
What do you want your brand to say about you? This ties in with the above point and is something that needs to speak in volumes of positivity!
Does your brand reflect the personality of your company? Does it convey the areas of your expertise?

All of the above points need to be considered when building a successful brand strategy. Once you have evaluated and answered all of the above you can start moving towards the most important step in brand and design strategy: building brand loyalty.

The sooner people start to familiarise themselves with you and your brand, the sooner you can start building a level of trust with your consumers and customers. You want people to associate with your brand, to believe in and buy into the brand. Once you have the trust of your consumers, your brand strategy can take flight; lifting the capabilities of your company with it.

Contact WRAPPA Brand Consultancy today to give your brand an identity!

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How to Write a Business Proposal

A business proposal takes an important role in your business because it will help you in getting more contracts from your clients. Besides, this proposal will be fulfilled with any kind of product or service you will sell to your clients so it is the right media to give better explanation to them. In this case, it is important for you to write the proposal rightly so you can ensure to choose you as the best partner in their business. To help you in getting more information about the writing, it is advised to check this article out that provides the best tips for you.

1.  First of all, you need to ask to someone who is expert in this thing so you can ask anything related to the writing of proposal so you can do the process rightly.
2.  Making an outline that consists of two parts is also the next thing you need to perform. At the first part, you will need to explain about the opportunity of your business and the benefits from the plan of your business.

In this case, you need to explain on how to operate your plan business so you can ensure them in a good way. At the second part, you need to describe the data about your financial condition such as balance sheet, tax returns and so on.
3.  And then, it is your time to write your proposal. In writing the proposal, you need to make the limitation in the pages. For the first part, it is advised to make 10 pages. In this case, you need to explain the content of your proposal clearly so your clients will know well about it.
4.  In your proposal, you need to explain anything that could make your business different with others. But, you need to give the explanation which is logical so they will understand it better. Keep in mind that unique is an important role to make your business better since you are able to give the best services in your business. In explaining your industry or business, it is advised to give the right information about your achievement so you can ensure them.
5.  Then, you need to explain about the prospective of customers and the reasons why you choose it because it is the right thing you need to include in your proposal.
6.  Also, you need to make a summary about your marketing plan so they will understand well.

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MLA Research Proposal

Research proposals can be written using various styles of citation and writing. MLA style is one of the mot commonly used style when writing research proposals and any other type of academic papers and non-academic papers. MLA research proposals should strictly follow the MLA citation style rules and guidelines. First of all, such proposals do not have a title page and page numbers at the top of the page and the bibliography page should follow MLA guidelines. The last name of the author comes first followed by the middle and last name initials. This should be followed by the title of the book, publisher and date of publication. The other point to note about MLA research proposals is that the body paragraphs are not indented.

Instructors often expect a lot from their students in terms of writing MLA proposals. One of the expectations is that the proposals have to have the appropriate number of pages, be of premium quality and be written using the recommendable writing and citation style. The other expectation is that the MLA research proposals have to be submitted within a given deadline period and be free of mistakes such as plagiarism and spelling errors. Students who submit MLA research proposals that strictly adhere to instructions given often attain exceptional grades and excel academically. It is unfortunate that only a small number of students are able to meet all their instructors’ expectations regarding MLA research proposal writing assignment. Most of them have poor writing and researching skill and hence fail to write impressive proposals. Moreover, some students fail to meet the deadlines given and result to being penalized on the grounds of late or delayed submission.

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Amadeus Consulting Discusses the Technology Perspective on Facebook Social Inbox

What Facebook Social Inbox Means For Email

Facebook announced this week that it will be launching its own "not email" email service to mixed reviews. This will be slowly rolled out over the next few months, so nobody outside the company has been able to play with it yet.

Facebook users, technology writers, business analysts, social media experts and many others have voiced very mixed reviews on the service. Some have called it a "Google Killer," while others predict that it will be dead on arrival.

As a software consulting company who develops a lot of online software and applications, we receive frequent inquiries regarding major changes of this nature. So we've assembled a good mix of information on the subject, although we encourage you to also look at Facebook's official announcement.


Users are provided with an email address.
Seamless Messaging allows you to be reached easily anywhere at any time, either through email, SMS, or IM. It also allows you to type a message and then choose which method to send it: Email, IM, or SMS.
Conversations are then saved in one place in one long stream, much like IM or SMS histories. This saves your conversations indefinitely (unless you manually delete them) and allows you to go back through them all at once, rather than searching through them separately.
Social filtering gives preferential access to your friends. This divides all messages into three categories: Messages, Other, and Spam. The message box is populated with your communications from friends, the other box is for messages from everything else – such as newsletters you subscribe to or non-friends—, and the spam box is for spam.


Security and Privacy

One concern revolves around Facebook's very poor track record of securing privacy and protecting users' data.

The fact that Facebook will store this type of data permanently and include it into its social graph is definitely a useful feature for some, but also poses an even greater risk of exposing more personal information. Currently this will be an opt-in service, so it won't impact everyone, but it could have large implications for those that use the service.

Another related issue is that the addresses are automatically assigned to each account, which makes them very easy to guess (your-account-name[@], assuming you have a unique name), so many market research companies will essentially start out with an email address for a vast majority of users' emails (prepare your spam filter!)

Adoption Rate and Success

In some ways, this is very similar to Google's "email killer" product Google Wave which was launched last year and died early this year (actually, it's not dead, but Google has officially abandoned it). Facebook pretty much recreates some major features of Wave, namely that it combines multiple forms of communication into a unified stream, although some major distinctions still occur.

Also, Facebook automatically filters emails and messages into the priority messages box if you are friends with them, but it filters this based on Facebook connections, not real-life connections. This means that if a friend sends you an email from a work address, or a non-Facebook address, and Facebook doesn't have that email address registered, then there is no way to let the system know that it is actually from your friend, and it will be placed into the "other" or "spam" box.

However, since this integrates rather seamlessly into the current messaging system, it is likely to become very popular very quickly.

Market Share

In many ways an email address is our online identity. We use it to log into websites, as a hub for our communications, print it on our business cards, and are very dependent on it for our social connections. This makes people generally very hesitant to give up on a current email in preference for another system, even if it is clearly better.

As Facebook even says, this will not be a "Gmail killer." At least not immediately.

Measuring the popularity and market share of email providers can be challenging since raw subscription/account numbers do not necessarily reflect the number of individuals using each service. For more accurate figures on the actual numbers and uses of each service, we have relied on to measure unique monthly visits in the US. There are some faults with this method, namely it only shows a total number of people who visit the site, not how frequently each individual uses the service.

Even so, data shows that Yahoo! still serves the most unique visitors, at 44%. Hotmail is second with 30%, and Gmail is third with 15% of the total. For Facebook to become the largest email provider, only 20% of Facebook's current users need to adopt the service.

Assuming a 20% adoption rate by Facebook's current user base, Facebook would become the largest email provider with 37% of the total. Yahoo! would be reduced to a 28% share, Hotmail to 19%, and Gmail to 10%.

So in other words, this could be a major disruption to all current email providers, not just Gmail. The biggest question (and hardest to measure qualitatively) will be how much time people spend on the service, and how much they rely on the service for communication.

Rich Internet Application Potentials

One question that has not been answered is whether there will be integration access that would allow ambitious web app developers, like us, to create apps that can incorporate the messaging service. Already, we know that Microsoft® has provided tools that will give users the ability to instantly open Office® documents (Word®, Excel®, etc) without needing an app or plug-in, so it will be interesting to see what other tools Facebook will allow into the service.

Android Consulting Services

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The net promoting business has flourished rapidly in recent years thanks to the increased volume of online shopping. Thus, many internet primarily based businesses have begun to mushroom, most of them owned by novices who are needing to grab a slice of the lucrative net marketing business. With its twenty four-hour operability, international presence and low start up prices, an internet business looks to be the key for exponential business growth.
However, with stiff competition over the net, many business house owners don't have the capability and data to form their website sell. Whether or not a site is superbly designed complete with inventory listings and searching cart facilities, it'd be a complete failure if the location is unable to generate adequate internet traffic.
This is often where the services of an net promoting consultant come in. The business of an Web promoting consultant would be to assist clients increase web traffic to their net sites. This will be done in a very variety of ways like through search engine optimization, pay per click advertising or affiliate marketing. Although many website homeowners could be familiar with these concepts, they'll lack the time and experience to try and do it the right way. An net selling consultant would be ready to apply the suitable methods for websites to form the required traffic and increase sales in the process.
Start Up Prices and Financing Sources:
The core of an net promoting consulting business is very smitten by the skills and efforts of the business owner. In fact, because the business is service based, the beginning-up prices are relatively low as no inventories are required. But, the business owner can would like to obtain education, skills and experience in the area of web promoting before he will start the business. This can be obtained from self-study in the area of net promoting, attending a seminar or a course on this area or by working for a mentor who is an expert.
So, the beginning-up costs for this business would primarily be for the cost of education that might vary from 0 to ,000 relying on the sort of education received. A marketing website would be essential to your services as an internet consultant. This may most likely cost you another $ one thousand - 00 for web site development and server space maintenance and support.
In order to get financing, a business arrange ought to be written to indicate the expansion potential of the business as well as a sound promoting plan. With this, the set up can be used to get funding for the business either from commercial lenders or venture capitalists.
Pricing Pointers for Service:
The pricing for net marketing consulting can vary greatly relying on the supply of web traffic, advertising efforts required likewise as the keywords of the location that would wish to be optimized. This can be thanks to the very fact that some more common keywords might require additional work from the internet promoting consultant in order to produce the expected results.
Advertising like pay per click will additionally vary relying on the utmost range of clicks that the positioning owner has preset. Different areas of concern are this selling ways that the site owner is already implementing, in which an analysis wants to be done by the web business consultant to work out what's operating and what isn't.
Some web business consultants charge their shoppers based mostly on the additional sales generated by their strategies. They'll charge primarily based on a share of increased sales from the location over a period of your time, that could be a additional justified methodology of charging the client.
As a rule, web selling consultants can start their charges from $ eighty an hour just for consulting services alone.

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