Sample Research Proposal

Students write different types of research proposals. For instance, students taking criminal justice courses and nursing courses write research proposal. Also, students taking business courses and literature courses write research proposals. A research proposal is similar to project proposal in various ways. However, a research proposal is aimed at addressing a specific project and scientific research. Different fields of study have different types of research proposals. For instance, a proposal for criminal justice project might be different from a research proposal from a business proposal. In addition, the guidelines used to write the proposals differ from one course to another.

The guidelines used to write research proposals are more defined than the guidelines used to write project proposals. A proposal has various sections. For instance, a research proposal has an introduction like other papers. In the introduction section, the student is required to state the objectives for writing the proposal. In addition, the student can also state the problem being discussed. The introduction is always an overview of the project being discussed. Moreover, a proposal has a literature review. In the literature review section, the student is supposed to provide enough information to support the project being proposed.

The literature review reviews various sources that are linked with the project. The student is supposed to choose different sources to use in the literature review. For instance, the student can use articles, books and journals. The resources used should be more than ten years old so as to make the content of the study valid. After selecting the resources to use, the student is supposed to summarize the information in the sources. The student should state the main idea in the sources being used and support it using the content in the resource. The literature review section should be detailed enough to make it easy for reader to understand the concepts being discussed.

Apart from the literature review, the research proposal also has a rationale. In this section, the student is supposed to provide information why he thinks the research is important. The student should provide enough material to support his or her point. Also, one should state the problem being investigated and the research questions. In addition, the student should include a detailed methodology in his research. The methodology section outlines the methods that are going to be used when carrying out the research. The student should state the research design to be used when writing the research proposal. For instance, if the student uses quantitative research design, he should state why it is important. He should also state how the data is going to be collected.

The data can be collected using interviews, questionnaires and observation. After data collection, the student is supposed to analyze the data collected using various methods. Most of the research proposals use statistical methods to analyze the data collected. For instance, they can use pie charts, histograms and tables to analyze the data collected. The research proposal should provide a conclusion. The conclusion should state the findings of the research proposal, limitations and if there is need for further research in future. The limitations include financial problems, cultural differences and relationship between the researcher and the participants. The student should state the limitations and explain them in details. Like other papers, the research proposal should not have any grammatical mistakes and plagiarism.

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