Supply Chain Consulting

Do you need help reassessing your company's goals, mission, and objectives? If so, than outsourcing a consulting firm may just be the solution you are looking for. 4SIGHT Supply Chain Group is a consulting and systems integration firm dedicated to helping aide their clients in the areas of strategic consulting and implementing applications.

Few of the services offered through 4Sight Supply Chain Consultants:

- Program / Project Management

- Process Flows (Current State/Future State)

- Functional Design (CRP, POC, etc.)

- Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's)

- Technical / Interface Designs

- Application Configuration

- Interface Development

- Test Plan Writing

- Reports & Labels: Design & Develop

- Testing Execution

- Training Program Development

- Training Execution

- Inventory Take-On: Design & Develop

- Change Management

- Post-Production Support

- GO-LIVE Prep (Micro Plans, Dry Runs)

- GO-LIVE Execution (Single-Multi Site/Shifts)


At 4Sight consulting and implementing software is their specialty.

Their consulting services, focus on business process improvements and all the steps leading to the procurement of new software. 4Sight has a team of experts that are more than well versed in Supply Chain Execution (SCE) applications. Every employee at 4SIght has execution experience in SCE software, as a client, a vendor, or third party integrator. Not one employee is considered a "trade" consultant that has only been "consulting" with respect to Supply Chain Software. 4Sight professionals have assisted their clients in launching WMS in all platforms as well as also actively executing applications like Transportation Procurement (TP) and Transportation Planning & Execution (TP&E). So what are you waiting for? Call the 4Sught Supply Chain Group today to make your consulting appointment!

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