Notebook purchase a comprehensive analysis and proposals


The notebook market, currently on to Intel, right down to vendors and customers in any respect levels, have a word of nice concern, that is that the dual-core. Into the second quarter of 2006, the dual-core notebook can begin mass adoption, that the dual-core notebook fortunately, what ought to or shouldn't purchase, when to buy; have gradually become the matter that bothers everybody. Now, let's begin step by step discussion of the acquisition of dual-core notebook.

Defined on the NAPA and dual-core

Mobile optimized Calistoga chipset, code-named "called Golan Intel professional, before the Napa platform, codenamed" Yonah "Intel Core" processors, the Intel 945 chipset primarily based on the desktop level / Wireless 3945ABG wireless network module of the three-part composition.

Among these, the "Intel Core" processors as well as the Core pair dual-core processors and Core Solo single-core processor.

We advocate Intel Centurion pair platform, Intel Core pair (Core transliteration), dual-core processor, Intel 945 specific chipset and Intel professional / Wireless 3945ABG wireless networking module.

It are often seen that the distinction between the 2 platforms - NAPA, platform and Intel Centurion pair platform is that the processor contains a single-core, and that we need to advocate and buy the NAPA notebook, mainly concerning the Intel Centurion pair platform.

Intel Centurion pair platform

Dual-core notebook is value shopping for currently

Someone once asked Xiaobian is to settle on a high-frequency single-core Pentium M, or opt for a low-frequency dual-core processor.

Xiao Bain told him that the fraction purpose of read, the low frequency of one.66GHz dual-core processor, however conjointly generally than the two.16GHz single-core processing performance well, though the distinction of zero.5GHz. Speaking from power, the 65-nanometer dual-core processors conjointly occupy the higher hand. Finally, the 1.66GHz dual-core processor, the T2300 from the worth than the Pentium M760, 770 cheaper. Therefore, the plain benefits of dual-core processors, reflects the scientific and technological progress to bring the happy.

The Xiaobian suggested: opt for low-frequency dual-core processors are excellent, the T2300 or T2400 totally meet the demand.

NAPA platform system bottlenecks where

Dual-processor has created leaps and bounds in technological progress, in use; however we are going to still be as a result of the system bottleneck to expertise constant speed of but like high-performance desktop computers. Mobile platform system bottleneck is that the laborious disk. NAPA platform vendors are employing a SATA laborious drive, 5400, small 60GB, massive is 100GB. The utilization of 7200 RPM laborious drive, laborious drive protection, cooling, and power consumption, there's a particular degree of technical issue, thus seldom used, and solely Dell has launched a services optional 7200RPM laborious drive.

The Xiaobian Recommendation: that the most effective step, choose the 80GB laborious drive, the 100GB is additionally a decent alternative.

How to configure the memory

NAPA notebooks, typically equipped with 512MB of memory, the specifications of DDR2 533MHz, Dell conjointly offers DDR2 667MHz customary memory to settle on from. Pass the check is often drawn, the amount of dual-channel, or frequency, the performance distinction isn't important. However, the applying purpose of read, memory capability, can considerably have an effect on the expertise of the applying, like handling of photos (now DC is liable to half-dozen million pixels), like watching HDTV, 512MB of memory cannot cope, however conjointly to not mention vista had. Therefore, in read of DDR2 533 memory low-cost costs, we tend to may need to substantially upgrade the memory.

The Xiaobian suggested: If the quality 256MB of memory, you'll increase 1GB, comes customary with 512MB, are often an extra 512MB or 1GB, that is important for 2-3 years of use of.

Graphics performance is a way to verify

NAPA platform graphics are updated to the new specifications, as well as the Nvidia Geforce Go 7400/7600 and ATI Mobility Radeon X1300/1400/1600 memory commonly employed by DDR2 and even of GDDR3, and thru the sharing of technology to attain 256MB even 512MB of video memory. Its performance is as follows:


X1600, X1400 packs Go7400 Go7600 (128MB) (256MB) Go7600 (512MB)

3DMARK03 3600 4000 5000 6700 8800

3DMARK05 1600 1700 2100 3600 3800

Common mobile chip performance list (with single and double core processors and also the frequency relationship)

We found fascinating is that the NAPA platform, companies are a lot of willing to be used with discrete graphics, that have 2 technical reasons: 1st, the 945GM chipset GMA950 graphics core is simply too skinny, and power consumption has conjointly increased (from GMA900 of 2-3 watts to seven watts); Second, the 2 chip large is using updated producing method and energy-saving technology and discrete graphics notebook battery life, performance and cooling performance are a lot of mature, ideal. Therefore, within the case of many facet effects increase, makers are willing to notebook with discrete graphics, that conjointly appeared in 13-inch to 14-inch widescreen notebook is large-scale phenomenon with discrete graphics. each cases we've got reason to settle on the integrated GMA950 graphics core notebook sufficiently small, one notebook, for instance, 12-inch widescreen; notebook low-cost enough, for instance, Zhengzhou, Dell, etc. 8000-9000 $ worth.

The Xiaoping suggested: game enthusiasts, it's suggested to pick the X1600, is a lot of just like the game, the Go 7400/7600 and X1300/1400 can even accept; low-cost just like the performance of the GMA 950 isn't something.

Shorten the life?

NAPA notebooks, several brands have increased the capability of the battery, like Acer commonly used 4800 am lithium battery, the Sony SZ or 5400 mA lithium battery, Dell conjointly offers a 9-cell battery for choose HP business The notebook has launched twelve core external batteries, these have created the notebook important increase within the endurance life. Pass the check, we tend to found that NAPA than the SONOMA power consumption increase doesn't, it's not questioned.

The XiaobianCenturion pair notebook purchase a comprehensive analysis and proposals

Additional options beautiful

NAPA notebook hooked up the most recent options to boost the amount of worth and products, these features: built-in camera, built-in fingerprint reader, attach the remote management, also as lithography cowl DVD burner. These devices aren’t as Bluetooth, wireless LAN as a high price, however it will have its own characteristics. With the promotion of the applying, the camera and DVD recorder can seem in additional notebooks, and also the value isn't high, like the Acer laptop, to extend the 20GB laborious drive capability and upgrade the DVD burner, solely an additional five hundred Yuan.

The Xiaoping suggested: we tend to think the DVD burner so as to mass storage, however currently it appears the sole backup and transfer files, however conjointly want a DVD as a carrier to supply bigger capability. Built-in camera, we will solely say that it's appropriate for users like video communication.

How to read vista

In fact, many of us are discussing within the finish is very important to double check the vista, or 64-bit vista vital. I see, on the ultimate time when vista launched, it should be the foremost acceptable 64-bit dual-core Intel and AMD common direction of development (Merom mobile processor). Now, during a variety of things is troublesome to see the case, we'd also primarily based on the Microsoft Windows Vista Capable certification judgment, like the Acer Travel Mate 4262WLMi uses the T2300, 80GB SATA laborious disk, the George Go 7600 discrete graphics, this configuration, and over configuration of the graphics, we will be a lot of acceptable to specific vista use.

The Xiaoping suggested: whether or not we want a vista, one issue is definite, support Vista notebook underneath Windows XP result equally simple mind.64 vista can are available in handy, however underneath Windows XP, clear dual-core technology is a lot of application price. Therefore, for Microsoft Windows Vista Capable certification notebook a wise alternative, and also the worth and not terribly faraway.

How to treat a single-core Core

Single-core Core currently simply launched the T1300, Frequency one.66GHz, 2MB L2 cache, the frequency is low, and its performance could be a so much cry from the version of the dual-core T2300. However we tend to aren't isn't suggested if the notebook with T1300 processor can do slightly more than the worth of SONOMA platform, or the explanation for considering. The Xiaoping believe that at the low finish of the sector, the Celeron M has defeated the AMD Mobile Sempron, in terms of worth and performance (of course wins within the market), and within the foreseeable future, attributable to the new Sempron Nvidia the robust support of the chipset, Celeron M continues to be troublesome opponents. Therefore, Xiao Bian single-core Core are often used solely to confront one another, with the Sempron and failed to reach the standing of dual-core processors.

The Xiaoping suggested: single-core Core as a low-end merchandise, however if the liquidity isn't suggested to pick.

Written within the last: NAPA, could be a starting, simply a transition?

Like in SONOMA before 1st launch of Dothan, Intel can launch of Merom. Merom mobile processor supports virtualization technology, EIST power-saving options, 64-bit extensions and XD security measures, and every one of Intel's latest 65nm method technology. The dual-core sixty four bits are going to be the 2007 Intel corresponding Visat main product.

Intel can begin publishing within the fourth quarter of this year's Merom processor, of Merom processors can the NAPA64 a part of the platform. And the NAPA64 platform conjointly includes a chipset code-named "Crestline, and can support the IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n protocol Kern wireless chip.

So, NAPA sixty four before the transition, or the start of dual-core? The Xiaoping believe that the Intel dual-core processors with dual-core computing within the field of mobile computing the primary of its kind, a large boost of performance for customers, is of nice significance. Of course, the replacement of the merchandise won't stop, and newer merchandise is going to be launched, we tend to solely have to be compelled to opt for in keeping with their wants simply fine.


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