Project Management Consultants

Project management consultants are specialized consultants that are involved in the task of identifying, defining, planning, implementing and reviewing projects for their clients. They can either advice a client on the best way to carry out a given project or undertake to carry out the entire project on behalf of the client.
These consultants help a client to go through each step of the project life cycle in the most viable and cost effective way to achieve the objectives set for a particular project. The project life cycle outlines all the steps that a project goes through from beginning to completion. The project life cycle consists of the following steps:
Project initiation
This is the first step where the project is defined in terms of scope and expected results and out come. The project can be divided into phases for ease of execution.

In this stage, the tool and resources required are also identified and appointed. A thorough feasibility study is undertaken to determine the viability of the project. Risks are identified and measures for countering risk are stipulated.
Project execution
The project is then executed in the different phases. The project management consultants keep an eye on the progress on ground compared to planned progress to ensure that time lines are kept and objectives are being met. At this stage, corrective measures are under taken based on challenges encountered.
Project closure
The project closes once all the phases are implemented. The objectives set must also be fully achieved for the project to close successfully. A project review is undertaken at this stage and a detailed report is written.
Post project analysis
It is important to carry out a post project analysis to compare the actual achievements with the goals and objective one intended to achieve. In this stage, any deviations in terms of time and resources between what was planned and what actually happened are identified.
The goal of project management consultants is to ensure that the project objectives are met in the most cost effective way. It ensures that all resources are maximized and costs are minimized without compromise on the goals and objectives. The consultants will use a variety of project management tools to track progress.
The project management consultants will appoint a project manager who appoints a team that works with him from inception to completion of the project. The project manager must be a well trained and experienced leader who is able to manage the team to achieve the project objective. The team must consist of individual with the requisite skills and experience to cover all areas of the project. The team must be cohesive with members who are able to work together and understand their different roles and responsibilities.

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