Speed Up The Mold Industry Development Proposals

 Mold is the basis for industrial production processes and equipment, known as "the mother of industry." More than 60% of the parts need to rely on forming mold as the national economy, basic industries, mold involved in machinery, automobile, Light Industry, electronics, chemicals, metallurgy, building materials in various industries, a wide range of applications.

Developed in the manufacturing sector in Germany, mold industry has been regarded as a "key industries"; in the manufacturing sector by the rise of Japan, the mold industry has been classified as "secret of the development of the entire industrial base"; in the United States die industry was seen as " the cornerstone of industry. " It is a measure of a country or regions, an important indicator of the level, so to take positive measures to promote industrial development in Xiamen City, mold is imperative.

 First, strengthen industrial planning guidance and a clear development of key industries

 Mold is affected by industrial design, special materials and equipment supply, manufacture, production, and training of personnel in areas such as belonging to capital and technology-intensive industries, with an area of less high-quality workers, products, high technology features, must have a strong Relying on the industrial base.

As the city's mold industry is relying on the city's electronic information, mechanical, optical and other supporting pillar industries developed, and many die enterprises from small and highly specialized, small but excellent, small and specialized and development path, combined with a special geographical location in Xiamen Many production molds not only for local businesses, but also in developing the Mainland market, and even exported.

Therefore, the city may be aimed at the development of mold industry, electronic information, mechanical industry, multinational companies, supporting the demand of domestic well-known enterprises, vigorously develop sophisticated, complex, long-life die.

 Second, to speed up R & D platform for mold building, improving competitiveness of mold industry

 To rely on existing mold backbone enterprises around the electronic information, mechanical, optical and other industry leaders supporting the demand to strengthen cooperation with domestic scientific research institutes focus on the link, encourage and support enterprises to establish R & D focus mold design platform to strengthen cooperation with municipal science and technology, through the Board and other related departments of the coordination and communication with related companies as the main body set up electronic, machinery, mold-based public service platform, forming equipment industry chain, enhance the innovative capability of enterprises, and actively implement the party's 17 major proposed adhere to the scientific concept of development. Require the enterprises to be people-oriented, constant technological innovation, exploring mold design, manufacturing processes, materials, application of a new bright spot. Adhere to standardization, specialized production. As soon as possible digital, information-based technology management.

 Third, increased corporate support services to make efforts to create a favorable environment for industrial development.

 One is to strengthen corporate communication of information. Implementation technology, information, resource sharing, city information network mold has to do with the network link to the relevant industries, businesses can advertise through the web site for their own and to achieve inter-industry exchange and communication, resource sharing purposes.


Second, it is appropriate to fund support. Pairs with independent intellectual property rights and innovation ability, the development of enterprises with good prospects for the equipment purchase, go exhibitors, loan discount, factory rent, give some financial support to ease the corporate financial difficulties.


Third, policy support. Actively help mold the industry related companies seeking to promote the implementation of the development of various preferential policies, coordinating relevant departments to solve key municipal enterprise technological backbone of the mold residence, social security and other issues, in order to create a favorable environment for enterprise development.

Fourth, to support the development of space. Relocation of a number of manufacturing enterprises take full advantage of the favorable opportunity, through policy guidance, support, encourage a number of key enterprises and their related enterprises settled mold, and promote industrial aggregation, optimization and upgrading of industrial structure.

 4, vigorously carry out professional and technical personnel training, efforts to protect the industry, the development of human resources.

 Modern high-tech companies need to mold a group of well-trained mold technician, no matter how good the device is not difficult to produce high-caliber talent mold to develop a master mold design and operation of the new die skilled personnel will take a very long time skills development.

We should focus on the needs of enterprises, strengthen co-ordination with the municipal relevant departments of communication, relying on a variety of training schools and businesses, combined with the rural labor force training and retraining to increase skilled personnel, training, and in particular to speed up the high-skilled talents, mode Society will be held jointly with the relevant professional and technical training courses such as mold industry.

Assistance to the Urban relevant departments do business craft, technician-level identification and evaluation, to attract more talented people to mold and improve the soft environment for foreign investment, effectively undertake Europe and the United States developed an advanced manufacturing industry in Taiwan sublease, speed up industrial structure in the city optimization and industrial upgrading.