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Raising Capital. At Barvetii International Wealth Consultants we understand the importance of raising capital for young entrepreneurial companies. Barvetii International Wealth Consultants provides young companies a great way to get off the ground by investing sufficient capital needed to get to the next stage of their development.

Raising capital can be difficult for any new business, although they have the technical expertise they do lack any business investment experience. This is where Barvetii International Wealth Consultants, Madrid, Spain can help as we understand how vital it is to any entrepreneurial company to be able to have the sufficient funding.

We have a huge network of global partners that we can fall back on to secure any financing for the right company.

Securities Trading at Barvetii International Wealth Consultants


If you own a share of a company's stock then you own a portion of that company, there are two types of stocks available for an investors portfolio.

Common stocks. This stock represents shares that are held by the public. Common stock has the right to vote on company issues, it can also pay out dividends at the end of each quarter. The general public mainly holds common stock. When you hear of investors speaking about stocks going up and down they are normally talking about common stock

Common stocks are easy to liquidate, this allows traders to buy and sell shares in small and big companies on a daily basis with profits being made due to their liquidity.

Preferred stock.

Although the name suggests it is preferred, it actually has fewer rights than common stock. The word preferred means that it has first call on dividends over common stock, this is one of the reasons why many investors prefer to buy preferred stock.

Bonds. Bonds add an extra layer of security to a portfolio and it's a good way to add a fixed income. It's important to have bonds in any portfolio as it adds a balance to any wealth building objectives.

By having bonds in a portfolio of various investments you reduce risk elements associated with investing, bonds add a stable foundation to your portfolio. Especially government bonds that can generate a steady income, that is higher than the interest rates of the high street banks.

Bonds are basically debt investments, as a bondholder you're lending money to corporate or government entities, these entities will give you a fixed rate of return on your investment for a given period. For this reason bonds are normally referred to as fixed income securities.

Mutual funds. A mutual fund is made up of various investments collected together in one pool that the investor invests in the fund. These types of investments are very useful vehicles for small investors as you have access to a professionally managed investment. One of the benefits of having a mutual fund is that you spread the risk over several different companies within the fund framework, and that a fund manager will look after your investment for you.

As fund managers operate mutual funds, it is a good choice for people that don't understand about investing, yet they wanted to invest in shares. A fund can include stocks, bonds, or any other money market instruments that is normally out of the reach of the small investor. they wanted to invest in shares. A fund can include stocks, bonds, or any other money market instruments that is normally out of the reach of the small investor.


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