Management Consultant

During these tough economic times, it has become imperative for companies to maintain competitive while maintaining stability.  For more than 25 years, The Corporate Learning Institute has offered management consulting, by providing performance development needs for every level of their client’s infrastructure.  CLI offers a wide range of customized training and development programs designed to provide companies and their employees the skills and tools necessary to reach their full potential. 

Years of experience working with companies on the Fortune 500 list to smaller local businesses, has led CLI to develop the formula unlimited company growth.  The services offered by CLI are designed to help any company or individual make the next step towards their goals.  Their services include; training and development solutions, networking and team building events, individual and team coaching, strategic development and change management, and innovative collegiate programs.  With the explosive growth of the internet, it is not enough to simply present information, and cross your fingers that it sinks in.  Today individuals require an interactive learning experience and qualified professionals guiding them in the corporate waters.  CLI believes that, “Our program design includes experience-based learning, which actively engages the participant.

We have found that active participation ensures that communication, trust, collaboration, innovation, and team identity flourish.”

Over the past few decades the landscape of the business world has made a drastic shift.  Many companies feel that the focus on competition and productivity is the key to success.  While competition among co-workers may encourage employees to push themselves harder, it has also led to the creation of hostile work environments.  Many employees feel as though they must be constantly competing with their fellow co-workers or they will be glanced over.  CLI believes that most productive work environment is one build on trust, communication, and most importantly teamwork.  This is why CLI has spent years studying the effects of positive working environment in the business world.  CLI offers a wide range of team building activities geared towards creating and growing workplace relationships.  These programs are designed to provide co-workers with an opportunity to network and interact outside of the workplace in a series of fun and challenging events.  These events focus on encouraging co-workers to work as a unit, to accomplish their overall goals.  Each individual program is designed to present and reinforce a variety of different aspects which creates an effective workforce. 

One of the strongest messages the Corporate Learning Institute can demonstrate to any company, large or small, is that the future of any successful organization relies on the strength of their infrastructure.  This is based off of years of in depth research and experience providing management consulting to individuals and organizations around the world.  CLI has spent more than 25 years providing organizations with the personnel and tools necessary for long term success.