Sales Performance International

They not only offer training but professional development for the sales team, managers, and marketers. Sales Performance International offers training programs for individuals, small to medium businesses, and enterprises so there is a course available to everyone to fit individual needs. Courses are available in many languages, online, and through instructor-led workshops. There is even an app for smart phones so sales people can learn on the go. 

Classes offered include sales execution, management and coaching, targeted territory selling, prospecting, selling to executives, presentations, and negotiations. Sales execution is the first class in the curriculum and focuses on helping a salesperson identify a prospect’s business problem eventually leading the buyer to self-conclude how they can fix their obstacle using the salesperson’s product or services.

Major Account Selling will teach the salesperson how to analyze key industry trends to create better proposals.


This class has the salespeople working in a team atmosphere so they learn how to work quickly and efficiently to achieve a given goal. With a wide array of courses Sales Performance International courses cover every aspect of the sales process making sure salespeople are fully armed to tackle any situation. Sales training can take many shapes. Each company has their own sales staff along with their own concepts for training that staff. Some companies push hard sales, others just focus on adding on to their current clients by cross selling, and up selling. 

The foundation of any sales training should focus on your product.

If you are training a team, you must sell them on the product they will be selling. Focus on the major important features your product has to offer and why it is better than any other product out there. If your sales staffs do not buy in to your product, how would they ever be able to sell that product to anyone else? Before your training is complete, take note of who is on board, and then compare their sales numbers to the others who did not get on board with the product.

As with any sales staff the people are the most important tool. If this is a fresh sales staff off the street, they will most likely be open to new ideas, and products. If you are training your current sales staff you must get them to accept change. Many sales staffs get stuck in the same routine. If you are trying a different sales approach you will most likely be met with deaf ears from your staff. In conclusion, make sure you can sell your product to your team, and make sure they know what they need to focus on when selling the product

Training is not just something that you do on the first day of the job for sales people. It is an ongoing process that companies must use to keep their sales force on point and ready to make money every day. Constant education is as important in business as it is in daily life.

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