Wealth Masters International

Main Overview of the Organization:

Wealth Masters International, started in 2005 and based out of Texas, is a home-based business that is constructed on the direct sales model. Even though the sales on their own depend on person to person contact, the income plan is influenced by an up-line model, with those who rate above affiliates obtaining profits from them. In order for an affiliate to progress in status and start acquiring commissions from other affiliates, a certain number of new recruits has to be reached. A few will discover that meeting this certain number makes it challenging to focus on the main business itself, which has the potential to yield a decent profit.

For those who are able to match their quotas, the product line of this business (the Wealth Acceleration Program) will lead to sales that can deliver a secure income level. The upside to this product line is that the product alone is special in its own right.

The problem is that it is offered just to people with a U.S. citizenship, hence restricting the opportunity for worldwide growth as a business. It also cannot be marketed to those who have already integrated financial services and advisors into their personal lives, as they have no demand for what the product provides. Ironically, it is the people with this kind of success who would make the most ideal clients.

A further factor to consider when thinking about the overall impression of wealth masters international, are the month to month fees that members need to pay. There are fees for the websites that are applied with this business, in addition to a month to month subscription charge that all members need to pay in order to keep using the program.

In addition to the monthly fees, which as an aside, make Wealth Masters one of the most expensive out-of-pocket corporations to become involved with, there is its connection with Carbon Copy Pro as well.

What Are The Products And Exactly What Do We Think Regarding Them? Wealth Masters International

There are three major products which Wealth Master's International delivers.

Product 1: M1 Masters Course

Cost: 95

Package Description: Contains content rich CD's and DVD's released by Wealth Master's co-founder Kip Herriage. Gives fiscal information and facts regarding things such as asset protection, estate planning and strategies regarding tax. The information is informative and beneficial.

Although the information is extremely good, there exists one hitch in that in an effort to follow through with the monetary advice detailed, the client is forced to hire the services of specialist financial advisors, namely those in alliance with Wealth Masters International. To utilise the alliances recommended by Wealth Masters calls for additional fees to those already mentioned, as connections to these alliances are not given complimentary to Wealth Masters associates.

The M1 Masters Course includes a few "extras", along with the information CD's. Sandy Botkin's tax strategy course, Jeff Combs' publication More Heart Than Talent, a healthy eating course created and supplied by Danna Latson, A CD from Elle Drake, and the motion picture The Secret.

The Second Product: M2 Wealth Conference

Price: ,995

Package Outline: Is made up of a single ticket for an individual to attend the Wealth Masters financial education conferences. Speakers at this particular conference originate from firms looking for investors in addition to people who head up the Wealth Maters alliances. The conference focuses primarily on financial education but additionally provides some training courses on personal development and health.

The Third Product: M3 Lifestyle Experience

Cost: ,995

Package Outline: Comprises 1 ticket for an individual to attend a 2nd Wealth Masters Conference generally put on in a country outside of the USA. Many of the same speakers that were at the M2 Conference make a return appearance at this specific conference, although this time the topic selection is much more targeted at personal health, wealth, and wisdom growth aims.

Wealth Masters possesses a strong process with its focus on financial education and system of trustworthy alliances. For this rationale we like it.

The weakness in Wealth Masters is its small-scale circle of possible customers. It is a program for individuals who now have income to spend once life's obligations have been addressed. Truth is, these very same people usually by now have financial systems in operation, including financial professionals to help them, and as a consequence, will not likely see a requirement for Wealth Master's International in their day-to-day lives.

Just What Is The Marketing System And Precisely What Are Our Opinions Regarding It? Wealth Masters International

Wealth Masters doesn't have a marketing system formally in place, although Carbon Copy Pro is backed by the company. The fact that Senior Vice President of Wealth Masters International owns Carbon Copy Pro, seems to indicate this is a third party recommendation.

The third party union with Wealth Master's single recommendation, Carbon Copy Pro, minimizes our evaluation of Wealth Masters International as a work from home option. Carbon Copy Pro has been built on a web of lies. Just 2 years in the making, the firm promises that it has currently produced 6 millionaires. Even though authentic testimonies are declared by its associates, you have to speculate how accurate they seriously are and whether or not the fiscal achievement could be credited solely to Carbon Copy Pro in such a brief time period, according to the date of its inception as an organization.

The simple fact that there is a study being conducted of Carbon Copy Pro shoots a red flag high into the air for us, which as a consequence, has us concerned regarding Wealth Masters International at the same time.

What Is The Cost?

.00 - Enrolment Cost

.95 - Monthly charge for the essential Wealth Masters Consultant Site

0.00 - Monthly payment for the Carbon Copy Pro Marketing System (Additional costs will apply for each sale)

.95 - Month-to-month charge for the Wealth Acceleration Program Marketing Site

,995.00 - Purchase of the M1 Masters program (also available by getting three sales)

,995.00 - M2 Wealth Conference

,995.00 - M3 Lifestyle Experience

Miscellaneous costs with regard to promotion

* Please also note: So as to obtain commissions from M2 and M3 sales products, the products need to be purchased by the business owner initially. Opportunities for a 6 figure income are impossible if M2 and M3 products are not purchased.

What exactly do We Feel with regards to the Price tag? Wealth Masters International

,842. This is the initial investment for people who decide to go with Wealth Masters International, making it one of the highest startup costs in the home business arena. Following this initial investment, ,857.00 is needed as an annual investment in order to maintain affiliate standing and subscription to the marketing system.

As stated above, a profit cannot be built on the M2 and M3 products unless the investor has bought them first at a total cost of ,990. This purchase is in addition to the first level product purchase of the M1 Masters Program at ,995.00.

Compensation Plan:

The Wealth Masters International sales and resulting compensation plan, consists of a combination of the direct sales tactic and a multi-level marketing approach.

Typically direct sales offers individuals 100% of their profit. In this case, Wealth Masters depends on a direct sales approach to sell the product but then utilizes the multi-level approach to deliver the profit. In this situation, profits are distributed between the consultant and their sponsor.

M1 Masters plan sale

,400 profit, ,000 of which goes to consultant, 0 to consultant sponsor.

M2 Wealth Conference Sale (1st 10 product sales)

,000 profit of which ,000 goes to consultant and ,000 given to sponsor

M2 Wealth Conference (extra sales subsequent to the first 10)

,000 profit with ,000 going to consultant and ,000 going to sponsor.

M3 Lifestyle Experience (first ten sales)

,000 profit of which ,000 is given to consultant and ,000 going to sponsor

M2 Lifestyle Experience (additional sales after the 1st 10)

,000 profit with ,500 to consultant and ,500 to sponsor

Our Thoughts On The Compensation Plan Wealth Masters International

Income is reliant on the consultant's initiative and commissions arriving from individuals which they sponsor. 2008 witnessed a difference in the compensation plan, reaping benefits for consultants and the profit margin they acquired.

The jay kubassek scam compensation plan does produce high profits through individual sales and also enables consultants to manage their own time and resources. It doesn't, however, give a secure pathway for developing a passive residual income as there is no leverage with this plan.

Generally, flexibility provides the potential to utilize sponsored consultants' time and resources as a way to experience a serious income and provides the prospect to acquire passive residual income. This is just not achievable with Wealth Masters International.

Despite the fact that passive income can be acquired from the commissions of initial level consultants, it is only valid if that particular consultant gets one sale for each month for ten months. This necessitates a continuing endeavor to get fresh members, which consequently, diminishes having the ability to concentrate on gaining more residual income.